What do you ignore and what do you speak up about?

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. Of course this kid was the biggest, shady drug addict and thief when he was a teenager. Then he "found god". I try really hard to ignore shit like this the best I can. What would you guys do? Not specifically for this actual posting, just in general. When people you know post crap like this online, or you overhear friends making snarky comments what do you do? I didn't comment on this. It's kind of funny. If it was malicious, then I would have. 

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I'm always amazed by the number of psychopaths that find Jesus and become televangelists.

I usually respond to things that are as false as that. Politely, of course, simply by saying something like 

"Actually, atheism has nothing to say about those topics, you're talking about abiogenisis and evolution. Here are some links to help you understand these terms a little better". 

I tend to ignore "pray for this person for this reason" type comments because you can't win (unless they post on my wall "i am praying for you"). 

The big thing to remember is, generally when people post stuff like that, a logical and reasoned response means nothing to them. 

I agree with those that suggest to pick your battles.  I have family members who really only repost unoriginal religious content.  I ignore most of it, as its crap fluff stuff anyway.  I most certainly respond to the posts where they are asserting someone elses opinion and spin it for themselves.  A recent example was when a cousin of mine posted about the apparent attack on religion for schools and the Pledge of Allegiance, and groups that are fighting it as unconstitutional.  Her post essentially said it was unconstitutional to have it removed, and I pointed out how it is actually unconstitutional to have it there.  It led to a good discussion, unfortunately (as my position was correct) I was unmoved, and the other respondents (all in counter to my position) seemingly dismissed everything I posted. 

Again, its all about picking your battles...

I also try to ignore that kind of stuff, but I had a friend who went to bible college and all that, and all he ever posted was bible quotes. I ignored them for the most part, but some posts were so hateful and ignorant that I debated with him and 4 of his religious friends, including one of his teachers for quite some time.

Another person from my college days does the same on her FB. Constant jesus quotes, and I just hide her posts and move on with life.

But if you want to poke fun, you can always post this image on their page.



I ignore it. I see soooo much crap I hate seeing posted to my friends' Facebook pages, and sometimes it makes me really angry to see it. But I just click on the "hide status" option and get rid of it and move on. I see no reason to confront my friends on their views when they show no intention to change them. I live and let live, I guess you'd say.

Only time I ever say anything is when they ASK for a friendly debate. And then I keep it very civil.

Yea, this I would respond to. Its not enough that uneducated people push their beliefs in schools to indoctrinate school children with this nonsense but they laugh at science. If there is one thing that deserves respect in this world it is science. It offers the only real source of truth that can be proven undeniable. And people still choose to ignore it and claim they are right because they take pride in their ignorance.

If anyone here has ever had to explain String theory or the beginnings of the Jurassic or Cretaceous periods then you understand.  


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