What do you ignore and what do you speak up about?

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. Of course this kid was the biggest, shady drug addict and thief when he was a teenager. Then he "found god". I try really hard to ignore shit like this the best I can. What would you guys do? Not specifically for this actual posting, just in general. When people you know post crap like this online, or you overhear friends making snarky comments what do you do? I didn't comment on this. It's kind of funny. If it was malicious, then I would have. 

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I can't help but to speak up when someone "flaunts" their religion by attacking someone else's beliefs or lack of beliefs. I find it very easy to hold back when someone says "god bless you" and stuff like that though because they are trying to be sincere to me. The only time I speak up is when someone is attacking someone else's beliefs or when my friends ask me about Atheism and ask me a few questions.

I spent years trying to force myself to believe in god, so now 99% of my facebook friends are Xtians. Honestly every single day is filled with this very same degree of shit which I ignore until they bring it on to my wall. At that point I let loose with a flood of pent up rage and frustration.

All in all I just sort of bottle it up until it is too late and then remove them from my friends list.

A facebook "friend" super-christian woman I used to work with posted some idiotic disparaging nonsense about how April 1st was atheist day. I informed her that I was a lifelong atheist and that it was so very christian of her to mock and put down a minority group. I asked her "what happened to the nice person I used to work with?" She responded with an insincere apology and more nonsense about the lord challenging her to acknowledge her mistakes and what amounted to pity for those who did not believe. I realized that the prospect of independent thought was, for this woman, as foreign a concept as subsisting on a diet of acid and broken glass. Most religious people are so fanatical in their beliefs that changing their mind is a physical impossibility - not to mention I would be just as hypocritical as them to try - so I never do.

We must handle it the same way they handle it when we post Pro-Athiest pics and links. Silence. My path to Athiesm was my own and no one could change my mind. I imagine their delusion of God and Jesus being real is just as unshakeable and it's better to ignore it. Kinda like dog poop on the sidewalk. Yes it's rude, in bad taste, ill-planned and a nuisance to everyone, but in the end, it will dry up and wither away...sort of like worshipping Zeus.

A friend of mine posted this on FB as well and I too, said nothing.  I debated over it since it totally makes no sense whatsoever.  I want FB to be a fun place, to catch up with friends and family and I try not to get into debates if I can help it.  It bothered me for a few days and I went back to it, but in the end, I said nothing because I know, that no matter what I said, there would be no "lightbulb" moment for my friend.


Such a silly description. I love the comment he makes about the saying. "Glory to Jesus!" lol :p

I agree with you, this was harmless, however if this person was posting this just because they knew you were an atheist and did it to smite you I would've said something.  I think that people post things like this because sometimes they want someone to make a scene over it but then you just blow it back in their face by not doing anything.

Oh, my cousin posted this exact thing a few weeks ago! So I gave him a big lecture and have been posting atheist pictures whenever I get the chance.


So, in answer to your question: anything people post in appreciation of religion is a thing that I can't ignore.

This is the problem with things like Facebook and Twitter- an ability to push agendas, from all points.  A friend of mine once said that he disliked social networks because he felt a medium where you could instantly get any thought you have out to potentially millions of people is a dangerous thing.  How many things do we simply type into FB or Twitter that in real life we'd stop and think about first. 


I'm going off these sites and haven't used them for a few weeks now (Though did have to go on twitter recently to send a DM).  I no longer debate creationists either anymore.  I don't see the point, I'm not going to convince them and it's unlikely they'll convince me.  And besides, I wouldn't be conclusively swayed by their evidence as I'm not in the right fields of research to fully understand such levels of proof, hence I must defer to those qualified and as such it is their job to convince the scientific establishment and not to convince me.


I think we need to pick and chose our battles.  I've got a lecture to give next month on the myths of Christmas which will be posted online hopefully, but that's as far as my Christmas debate will go this year, after spending way too much time arguing over it with Christians.

My response to stuff like this is always the same:

I love the way the author of that quote doesn't seem to understand that believing in God as the creator of the universe is believing in a magical wizard who created a universe by invoking magic.



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