What do you ignore and what do you speak up about?

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. Of course this kid was the biggest, shady drug addict and thief when he was a teenager. Then he "found god". I try really hard to ignore shit like this the best I can. What would you guys do? Not specifically for this actual posting, just in general. When people you know post crap like this online, or you overhear friends making snarky comments what do you do? I didn't comment on this. It's kind of funny. If it was malicious, then I would have. 

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I forgot about his website. I learned about it through Letter to a Christian Nation a while ago. That video is great! And so is the sign you posted. Thanks!

I did something similar when someone badmouthed (ie saying it was 'only a theory) and I replied with several paragraphs detailing the difference between the cultural and scientific words 'theory' and 'hypothesis'. I also brought up that gravity and germs were 'only theories'. His reply was just said that I would not be sucessful in 'converting' him.


I felt better afterwards also.

Stop teaching the children music... its ONLY A THEORY!!!!!!

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Or teaching them about colors... they're only a theory. 

I ignore it, things like this prove the author had no idea of the subject matter, if they did, they would understand atheism is not a beleif, and does not presume to explain any origin story.

So in a social media setting, some one reposting, is just regurgetating what they have been told....nothing more...

I think active speaking up about religion does little more than give religious nutbags a chance to "prove their faith" by remaining impervious to your arguments. Remember: they always have "the Lord works in mysterious ways" or "the mind of God surpasseth human understanding." How can you argue against that sort of hokum with people who take it seriously?

This is a good post and discussion that is now featured.

I just ignore things of religious nature most of the time. It's just not worth the effort. When it comes to the more obstinate people though I think I've had more productive talks with inanimate objects.

I had a facebook friend post about this being a Christian nation and that all people who don't like it can leave the country. She named certain categories of people, one being atheists. That just pissed me off and I had to say something. I told her I was an atheist and I didn't appreciate her saying that. I forget exactly what she had originally posted and my entire response, but she found herself having to back-pedal and apologize for her statement. Even one of her own friends came to my defense. I responded respectfully and didn't try to get into any religious argument, but I couldn't just let her get away with making a blanket statement putting down atheists, or anyone else for that matter. I had another fb friend make a similar comment, to which I responded. He's REALLY religious. One of his religious friends didn't like that I said this isn't a Christian nation and I want to see our nation be a place for all people, blah blah blah. His friend made a snide comment saying something like, "I thought we had free speech in this country." I responded by saying, "We do, that's why I said something." She replied with a smiley face because I put her butt right in her place. They never like to hear anything they don't agree with and tend to get very nasty and snarky about it. Very Christian response.

Or you could point out that his entire definition of Atheism is invalid. The first part is a version of abiogenesis (it falls under cosmology) and the second part is a horrible, one-liner of evolution (it falls under biology). I guess you could finish by telling him that Atheism is very simply the condition of NOT believing in a god... a god who creates people who are too stupid to know what atheism is.

I think I would try to explain to him the fact that atheism has absolutely nothing to do with the things you believe. When theists say things like this they are trying to bring non belief down to their level. It is truly pitiful if you ask me. It is even funnier when they try and say non believers are illogical and our arguments are completely irrational.


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