What do you ignore and what do you speak up about?

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. Of course this kid was the biggest, shady drug addict and thief when he was a teenager. Then he "found god". I try really hard to ignore shit like this the best I can. What would you guys do? Not specifically for this actual posting, just in general. When people you know post crap like this online, or you overhear friends making snarky comments what do you do? I didn't comment on this. It's kind of funny. If it was malicious, then I would have. 

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I can't help myself on general stuff like that. If you post it I have a right to reply and I would. I would just say my piece and be done though cuz those religious types will try to get you any way they can, even with vocal violence.

I think it's a matter of knowing when to pick your battles.  Everyone is entitled to their beliefs.  Everyone is entitled to stating what they're about on their personal pages.

If people start making your beliefs their agenda, that's the time to put your foot down.


Absolutely love this! 

Ok, we need a like button for posts. We really do. LOL

Back to the drawing board. Thanks for the facts Jack. :D

Better?  (sorry i deleted my other pic)



Very good!

To be honest, from games like Black and White, Spore, and Sim City... I probably would've done the same. Or used Godzilla(simcity)... or even better, taught my Tiger-Creature to just eat the villagers and firebomb their houses(B&W). That was epic.

So I guess in conclusion... there are no gods because game developers possess more creativity than bronze age religious fiction writers? ...I think I lost any semblance of a point here. Man-eating, firebomb-throwing, Tiger-Creature = Godliness done with Epic Win. Wine, zombification and water magic = lame.

i get multiple posts on facebook by friends and relatives who are faithheads.  it would take up my entire day to counter their bullshit, so if it's a joel osteen biblical quote of the day, i just block it.  


on the other hand, i do not shy away from posting things on my board like this.



most of the posts (if not all of them) are made by unsinkable ducks (to take james randi's expression) that are locked into their worldview.  even if you were to explain atheism is not a belief, even if you were to explain that atheism has nothing to say about the origin of the universe, even if you were to explain that atheism has nothing to say about how the universe is expanding, even if you were to explain that atheism has nothing to say about the origin and evolution of life on earth--- they most likely will not listen.


they did not get to their religion for rational reasons, and you won't be able to use logic to get them to see your point of view.  if you just want to stir up shit, post something like this:


Thank you, how wonderful. I will be spreading this video to friends and family, though they are all atheists so its preaching to the converted, maybe not converted as most were already atheist but you know what I mean.


By the way........my oldest (almost 11yrs) and I watched the video. I deliberately made no comment as it ran but after I asked Hilke what she thought, she replied "Religie is heel dom. Kunnen we kijken Harry Potter vanavond?"   ("Religion is very stupid. Can we watch Harry Potter tonight ?"). All things considered I agree with her and Harry Potter is better and makes more sense.

Smart girl. :) 


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