I am wondering what you guys think about this. I can imagine what you guys might think, but I am wondering if this is as clear cut as I think it is.

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I think they need to get a new shtick. Aren't there other OT oddities for them to obsess about? 

Leviticus Chapter 14. That would be some interesting stuff to see on the TV.

@Bella Rose - Knowing and being able to articulate why I am an Atheist. I think that's where I need to start. Then it's time for some action.

That is exactly right - and with the internet, hopefully a lot more christians can see the brainwashing that has been going on since birth. The eldest son, Nate Phelps, a gay rights advocate and anti-child abuse activist, and an Atheist, left when he was eighteen, his story is worth reading, and he travels the country giving lectures, TV appearances and radio talks, about his hateful family, and how he got out. Some of the girls of age, go to college, doing law, and know all the loopholes in the law, so they can do what they do - and it is all tax free.

Megan and Grace Phelps left, I don't know when, Josh Phelphs, grandson I think, left in 2003, and Libby Phelps Alvarez, grandchild of founder Fred Phelps, left in 2009, so there is hope, and bravo them for having the guts to get out.

Louix Thereoux is English and fearless. I didn't watch this whole video, as I have seen a number of them before. There is one, in church, with the group sprouting hatred, and there was a bloke in the back of the church, who was gay and crying, trying to be 'fixed'. That is what really broke me up.

I think Megan Phelps moved to one of the Gulf coast states with her live-in boyfriend, I recall seeing a picture of her on the beach, in a bikini, which I doubt her mama bought her.

The way they smile and laugh at everything is really creepy. I'm sure they've been trained to do that so they don't look weak for the cameras--can't give that documentary any hint that anything's wrong. Plus it builds themselves up. You can see they learned it from Fred, too--just laugh at and belittle anything you don't want to think about.

That older girl especially--she reminds me of Rillian from The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia). Have you read that one? The prince who's brainwashed and laughs at everything, laughs as he talks about slaughtering a nation and taking over their land.

The funny part is, they are actually following what their bible teaches better then any other Christian group. The bible does teach that b.s., yet other Christians hate them. lol They should be deported imo. Just put them on a boat and leave them in shark infested international waters...tell them their citizenship has been revoked. lol

I simply cannot bear to watch this.  Its offensive to my eye ears.  What those adults are doing to those kids is indeed child abuse, its outrageous. 

I remember when that was first televised, oh I just felt so sorry for those poor kids.  Their brains were litrally turned to mush 

Of course it's clear cut.  These are people who are profoundly ignorant and consumed with hate.  The fact that they are almost entirely made up of a single family of inbred morons suggests that their hateful extremism will eventually die with them.  The military should then picket THEIR funerals.  Just kidding; their funerals should be left alone so these lonely imbeciles can fester in their own filth.

That or they would picket his funeral that no one is attending. 

Never gonna happen, they've made it clear on the video that theyh don't believe in "honoring the dead," so they likely toss 'em in the ground, cover 'em up, and go home.

It is.  I used to live in Topeka, KS - I went to college there at Washburn University.  The Phelps family or Westboro Baptist Church often pickets the campus every week - each week being a different corner of campus.  They came out in full force opening night when the theater department put on the production of The Laramie Project.  Luckily none of them were admitted into the production and a number of students staged a counter protest that prevented them from coming anywhere near the theater.  The Phelp's church truly is filled only family members and any family member who disagrees with them or stands up to them is immediately cast out of the family.

It was said on campus that the reason why Fred Phelps became so enraged by homosexuality is because he supposedly had a son who attended Washburn, and while there, his son revealed that he was gay.  As the story goes, Fred supposedly blamed the school for "turning" his son into a homosexual.  I don't know if this is true though.  However, this link essentially dismisses it: Fred Phelps

I once passed through Topeka - State Capital of Kansas - I expected skyscrapers, and found two-story office buildings. Big letdown.

I also camped at a lake NE of there, great fishing!


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