I am wondering what you guys think about this. I can imagine what you guys might think, but I am wondering if this is as clear cut as I think it is.

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My question for Shirley Phelps (though I've no doubt she wouldn't answer honestly would be, "How old were you when Fred first began sexually molesting you?"

Two of the daughters did leave the church, the one just published a book

I think they should work harder on their harmonies and general singing ability.

I've seen this in the past, and I think the host/ documentarian does what you should do: present them for the detested hate mongers they are without giving them the gratification of overly emotional responses.

I worry that closeted and isolated queer or questioning individuals (especially youths) see this sort of thing without context -- without realizing that the WBC is pretty widely ridiculed and despised. If, at the very least, such an individual sees that the WBC represents a minority (at least in the severity of their hate), perhaps it will ease the sense of antipathy toward homosexuality which plagues the minds of many LGBT individuals, especially those who feel the most alone.

On the other hand, being overly emotional in response to the WBC seems to further provoke them, and like most people, my heart goes out the the grieving families who have to put up with them sensationalizing funerals. I'm not so into the funeral thing myself, but I respect that it's the way many people grieve and say goodbye. I'd like for them to be able to do it in peace.

So, I guess my stance is this: acknowledge who and what the WBC is. Acknowledge that they are widely condemned. Don't feed into every single sensationalistic ploy. It actually isn't newsworthy that the WBC made plans to protest the Sandy Hook shooting funerals. The WBC makes plans to protest pretty much everything from the Pope to kittens which are too cute and clouds which are too fluffy. They protest random shit and it seems they will do their best to maintain and escalate these tactics for as long as it keeps garnering national and even international attention on every single instance. We get it. Not. News.

I worry that closeted and isolated queer or questioning individuals (especially youths) see this sort of thing without context -- without realizing that the WBC is pretty widely ridiculed and despised

That was a flash by thought for me too, Kris.  But then I remembered.  This generation of 20 years old and under, have never known life without the internet.  If they are closeted or isolated, they only have to reach across the ether.  The more people we can get connected, the faster our mental evolution can happen.

Thought you all might enjoy this link

LOL! They should have put pro-gay propaganda all over their website.

You can certainly see how much Shirley loves all the attention she is getting with wild eyes and devious, tooth-bearing smile.

I'll say it again, I can't help wondering how old she was when she was sexually molested, possibly by Fred himself - who knows how many of those 11 children are his? Why is her last name still Phelps? As much as I detest Shirley Phelps, I have to remember that she, too, is a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Child abuse, at best.

Sweet mother of Asimov...those first 30 seconds I thought it was actually a parody or something, it was just so off the wall. Of course I've heard about these people, but seeing that mother so gleeful in her hate gives me chills.

Incidentally, as far as "what you guys think"'d get pretty much the same answers if you posted this on a Christian board, I'm thinkin..

I have no doubt. The media makes it seem like EVERY Christian is batshit nutts like this. They are not. It would be good to put some doubt in their faith, because all Fred Phelps is trying to do is live like the Bible tells him. He is missing a few things. I am currently working on a list of all things in the Bible that show God's hate, bigotry, and merciless slaughter.


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