I am wondering what you guys think about this. I can imagine what you guys might think, but I am wondering if this is as clear cut as I think it is.

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You guys have never seen this documentary before? It's hilarious. At some point some people do a drive-by and chuck a slushie at one of the phelps kids. LOL


k0rsan - I laughed the whole way through too - but not at the Phelps family - I think they're brilliant at what they do -

 I laughed at eveyone else because to me the Phelps family are saying - 'If you people say that you believe in the word of god, then this is what you have to do otherwise your a hypocrytes.

and they are right about that - They show us exactly how fucked up the bible is and also how much people who say they believe in God - probably really dont.

And - have you ever wondered why they havent been shot yet? . I mean they make easy targets of themselves standing on those street corners and everything.

I think that they havent been shot yet because most people agree with them. If anyone is going to do some shooting up it will be a religious nutter with a gun and thats what keeps the Phelps safe.


and k0rsan - the person who threw the slushie - I bet he was a Christian

Ridiculous ist it? You either belive in God or you dont - No cherry picking allowed.

They are trying to live the OT to a 't'. It is a terrible way to live. Its like using ancient medicine to cure cancer. It just won't work. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used honey mixed with dates as a form of contraception. This concoction was inserted into the woman's vagina. If they think that the ancients are so damn smart I want them to try that. Lol so they probably don't believe in contraception. I want to see what Fred Phelps says if someone asked him how to cure leprosy. It's in the Bible. Leviticus 14:2-31. That is some messed up stuff!


@James Bond

The Egyptians did that! - Sounds delicious - lol

I wonder if they had any idea in those times that sperm had something to do with it.

 I would also like to know how the Phelps family reconcile modern medicine with biblical cures.

RE: "I think that they havent been shot yet because most people agree with them."

I would think you mean they haven't been shot yet because most religious loonies who shoot at whomever they disagree with agree with them.

....and then I saw them on the corner with the upside down flag....

I don't know why they don't get shot anymore. Maybe they'll live forever because the devil can't stand the thought of letting them into hell.

Yeah, well, then, there, now - I did my own little bit with an inverted American flag during my Civil Rights marching days (the FBI still have photos), when I walked down the center of the boulevard to the State Capitol Building in Montgomery, Alabama, so I can't in good conscience condemn their action, but I CAN condemn their cause --

And I'm jealous. Sounds like you had some really good experiences.

Seeing all their hate got me thinking, I'm not patriotic at all, I didn't support the wars or American imperialism in general, and when I was a Christian I would have said it's shameful how many christians worship the flag and America alongside Jesus. But I think if I spent a week with this family like Theroux and then went to a military family, I bet that's the only time I would want to stand up and put my hand over my heart for the flag, or sing the patriotic songs.

I think they're not worth the trouble. It would make them only happier if one of them got killed, it would make them martyrs in their head. Same thing, sadly, will happen as soon as Fred Phelps dies. People will try to show up to his funeral to picket him. Angry atheist will make parody videos with the title "Fred Phelps is in HELL!" etc. And that's bad because the rest of the phelps family will feel only better about themselves. They will feel justified. Like martyrs.

If instead NOBODY gave them an iota of attention they'd be long gone. Don't honk, don't attack, don't argue. When One of them dies, don't even bother showing up. Maybe even send them your condolences. That might give them those "wtf? did dad lie to us about everybody being evil?" doubts.

I completely agree with that kOrsan.

I don't know - there HAVE to be some PTSD sharpshooter vets out there who couldn't be too happy --


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