I am wondering what you guys think about this. I can imagine what you guys might think, but I am wondering if this is as clear cut as I think it is.

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The first two seconds make me want to hit someone in the face.

And you have a problem with your embed for the video.

Well I made it a whole 6 minutes in before I had to turn it off in disgust.  Definitely as clear cut as it gets.

You got farther than I did: about 3 minutes.

1:42 was my limit... They lost me at the "Fags eat poop!" sign.

I'm trying to make it all the way through.
Imagine being the guy making this documentary!

I grew up in North Georgia. I never knew people there like that. This is a special kind of stupid.

I made it through the 3 parts that are on youtube. Completely offensive, which begs the question of how do you intentionally live a life that is purposefully offensive to others, and I mean all others on the planet? Evolutionary theory says that such a clan/cult would have suffered to the point of non-existance in other times. 

In one of the parts, one of their 7 year old kids had a drink thrown at him from a car, drawing blood. The car had the license plate covered, so it was completely premeditated. But according to Fred Phelps, if the child died of that, he would be in heaven--or maybe hell and Fred would be happy about that. (one of the daughters mentioned that if she was hit by a car she would definitely go to hell and Fred would be glad she went) 

Yuk, I hate even typing about this crap because it is such psychobabble. So anyway, I have heard that the family lives off of the lawsuits they bring up and win regarding free speech, so that explains how they survive in a financial sense, but I think once Fred dies the whole thing falls apart.

His daughter seems to be the main driver outside of him, but I think they ascribe to male leadership, meaning her husband or one of the other male church members would have to take over. How another mind could be so damaged and also able to lead a bunch of damaged people would truly require divine intervention, so its over after Freddy bites it. 

Kudos to Louie Theroux and his team along with a nod to the BBC, it looks like they tackle the toughest subjects possible. 

The human capacity to believe in vile dogma, I guess and I hope that is the tale of our religious pasts. WBC I think will be  a footnote in history in short order.

I'm pretty sure 2 of his daughters recently left the WBC and are totally opposed to them now.

Yea, in an ancient society they would have been thrown out and forced to be nomads (which usually meant death). Fred Phelps' son actually left the second he turned 18 (and is now an Atheist) and agrees that once his father dies that the whole thing will fall to pieces. And thank goodness for that!

They are probably better than prompting doubt in the mind of a moderate theist

I think your right Robert.


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