This is not only for those in our community who consider themselves Republican but for those who are Democrat, Libertarian and everything in between; What do you dislike about Obama.

Here's what I see:

- Came into a shit-storm of a situation, economy wrecked and in two wars.

- He made decisions that can be criticized and should be however, the economy is on the mend.

- He has ended one war and is ending another one.

- He has restored the reputation of this country in the eyes of much of the rest of the world.

- He killed Osama.

- He created health care reform that will benefit millions (not perfect by any means, but a step in the right direction for sure)

- He ended DADT

He has disappointed us in many ways as well but all in all I think he has done well considering not only the circumstances he came into, but also the hostile and overtly racist government he has to deal with.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you dislike about Obama?

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You didn't just put G.W. Bush and intelligence in the same sentence did you?? Please, tell me you were high when you typed that.....

Isn't that what life's all about really? Being at the right place at the right time..? 

OK GW Bush may be completely tongue tied, but he did used to fly fighter jets.  You can't do that and be a moron.  Complain all you want about his policies (and there's a lot of material to choose from) but he's not a moron.

I've even heard rumors his college grades were better than John Kerry's, and yes they both went to Yale.  If Kerry was so doggone smart how come he did worse in college than that "moron" GW Bush?  (Apparently Gore's grades were not all that hot either but this article does not actually specify them.)


Bush disbanded the team hunting for Osama.  It was President Obama that made the hunt for Bin Laden a priority again.

Unfortunately for us Bush was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He was in the White House on 9/11.  For him it was the right place right time since he gets forgiven for ignoring the intelligence and he gets to be the heroic War President that he always wanted to be.  Funny how when you are rich enough and have enough rich buddies even when you fall into a pile of shit you come up smelling like a rose.

"I don't know and I don't care" was rhetoric!!! ... that's hilarious.  That sounds like something Bush would say. 

@Mike - Assuming you meant, "bet," you'd lose.

of course

So i suppose that bush was doing all the work himself? He was just telling people to find osama, he could just as easily been caught in bush's administration or whoever will be president after obama or not at all, all the president had to do was say go and get him and the seal team pulled it off, it doesn't matter if the worst president was in office or the worst whichever presidents you think those are, osama would have died anyway and no i would not have placed all the blame on obama i actually support the democrats, i just hate people getting credit for things they didn't do, surely the credit belongs to intelligence officers and the seal team that pulled the raid off.

I'm smarter than that - sorry.

I think the idea about having a third (or even a fourth?) party would be great for US politics. There seems (my perception) to be too much emphasis on how different the current two parties are form each other. This leads them to move further left or right and away from the middle ground which could be capitalised on by another party. It might also revitalise the system and encourage more people to get involved in local politics.

And, gee, not so long ago the complaint was that "there's no real difference between them."

"politics" is to fairness, as "freedom"and "democracy" is to liberty.  

When you have more than 2 significant parties you end up with coalition politics which gives minor parties power out of all proportion to their constituency. Suppose you have the Democrats, the Republicans, and the American Christian party. In order, their constituencies are 48%, 43%, and 9%. The Christian Party will align with whichever party will pass a law requiring creationism to be the only cosmology taught in American schools and colleges, giving that party a majority.

If you have no problem with that sort of thing, you'll love coalition politics.


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