This is not only for those in our community who consider themselves Republican but for those who are Democrat, Libertarian and everything in between; What do you dislike about Obama.

Here's what I see:

- Came into a shit-storm of a situation, economy wrecked and in two wars.

- He made decisions that can be criticized and should be however, the economy is on the mend.

- He has ended one war and is ending another one.

- He has restored the reputation of this country in the eyes of much of the rest of the world.

- He killed Osama.

- He created health care reform that will benefit millions (not perfect by any means, but a step in the right direction for sure)

- He ended DADT

He has disappointed us in many ways as well but all in all I think he has done well considering not only the circumstances he came into, but also the hostile and overtly racist government he has to deal with.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you dislike about Obama?

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@Unseen - RE: European cultural power - European cultural values -- I believe that both of those terms require additional definition by the source, before further discussion can be productive.

But that's just me - you go for yourself, big fig --

I personally think he has been a great President. One of the most aggravating things to me is how viscously he is attacked by people who are completely ignorant of the facts.

However, I do have my criticism. One of the biggest being that he kowtows to the right wing far too much. There are some issues where I would like to see him toss bipartisanship out of the window and do things simply because it is the right thing to do. The republican obstructionism in the past three years has been ridiculous. I have my ideas why this is happening but it is pure speculation. I think Obama needs to really get tough about the economy with the right. The right wants austerity but now is not the time for austerity, now is the time for growth, and one of the best ways to promote growth is through infrastructure and education spending. I would truly like the right wing conspiracy theorist to be right when they say Obama is going to move far to the left if he is re-elected.

The way they talk about him I don't see how they think he could go farther left. The man is a moderate/right-leaning democrat but they act like he is Marx reincarnate.

I dislike his approach to attacking Mitt Romney. I think the attack on Bain will fall on its face. He should be following up on Romney's "What would a Romney Presidency be like?" ad by discussing what a Romney Presidency would mean to women, to ethnic minorities, to unions. He should remind people that Romney's policies, as stated, will INCREASE unemployment, not reduce it (reducing he size of government). He should talk about how irresponsible Romney's talk of pushing China around is.

The Democrats need to change the subject, and soon. Six months ago, I would have said the Obama was a shoe in. Not so sure now.

What would a Romney Predency be like? Here's an example:

"But this morning’s Washington Post sheds more light on Romney’s energy plan, including the fact that he would open up 'virtually every part of U.S. lands and waters' to drilling regardless of whether they are national parks, national monuments, or protected in some other way."

If I had the power to change one thing about American government, but only one thing, it would be the system of lobbyists.

He failed to close Gitmo.
He has failed to release some 87 Gitmo prisoners who even the US acknowledge a not and we're never terrorists or guilty of any crime.
He extended the Patriot Act.
he extended the sweep of your NDDA.
He has over seen a Vast increase in your national / internal security machine.
He has over seen the militarisation of your local and state police departments.
He did not stop torture, it is still being carried out by agents of the USA.
He has failed to stop renditions - despite what the US media like to say at home it is still going on.
On his watch there has been a big leap in the use of "contractors" for various military, secuirty and intelligence functions, this has created a big accountability gap which is going to bite you in the backside one day.
As to being credited with killing Bin laden just keep in mind that he was largely a US creation in the first place and became a danger to the USA due to the US's own negligent policies, so I do not think a "credit" is due there.
He has massively expanded extra judicial murder by the USA.
The USA continues to violate national sovereignty of other countries in ways which would be considered acts of war if those countries were to do them to the USA.
Far from protecting whistleblowers he has waged campaigns of harassment and intimidation.
While condemning the likes of Assad for the bombardment of armed break away elements and the resulting civilian collateral casualties he defends his own action in bombing a few lightly armed conmbatents even though this is killing many innocents, making him a hypocrite.

You really think america's reputation is on the mend ? I can only assume that you read western / US media which is not a very big part of WORLD opinion these days. "America" has become synonymous with hypocrisy.

I do not think he has been very effective at all but in all fairness I do not believe any president can be because corporate interests effectively dictate policy now, not politics. Occasionally a president will be allowed a policy win by their pay masters for the sake of appearances but aside from that they have to tow the line of the very BIG money that got them there, and in return they will leave office with vast wealth and lots of protection from all those people they wronged or fucked over to get there in the first place.
Judith vd R

Your characterizations of Obama and his current foreign policy can be tolerated but I will not accept the charge that Americans are responsible for creating Osama bin Laden and his decision to resort to terrorism and mass murder. The insanity of Muslim extremism is only matched by your attempt to blame Americans for his despicable and cowardly acts. And please don't attempt to suggest we were deserving of his murderous deeds.

Um, I think JvdR has a pretty strong point. Bin Laden wasn't Obama's baby, but rather a tool of George Bush senior, the CIA director who financed his operations against the Soviets and supplied him with weapons and...all the best training required to be the international terrorist he was. We can't take responsibility for everything he did, but it's a fact that he wouldn't have become the monster he was without the good old USA.

I did not say you desrerved his deeds, and I think Islam is an insane and rampantly misogynist religion that hates and fears women and anything that is not 14th century. However American DID nurture him and spend vast sums supplying him and the likes of him with arms then walk away with no regard to the consequences. This said America is not alone in this sort of negligent meddling, the Brits and even my own country did it it in their imperial pasts, but here we are talking about current events.

America is to blame for many things, because you are the current meddling super power you will be by definition responsible, sorry but that is a fact of life. Any country that has such a pathological need to control and dominate will be the cause of problems, comes with the territory. What needs to change is that we as a race have to stop spinning a "good guy gloss" onto our actions and instead face up to the mangled, mutilated and poisoned lives our actions create and then spend as much clearing up as we spend on the munitions that that caused the havoc. Obama could have done so much to change this, he did not, as far as I can see from the moment he got into office he did not even try. I do not care why he failed, I am sure many viable reasons could be rolled out, but the fact is he FAILED.

Come to my home when we have another depleted uranium baby and parent staying with us and ask the child's mother who she thinks is to blame for the horrors her child is enduring, I know the answer you will get but I think you need to hear for yourself.
Kindest regards,
Judith vd R.

Judith, most of us base our views on information we get from the regular and alternative press as well as the Internet. The President has access to that information plus information we don't have access to from our own and our allies' spy networks, which includes enemy communications intercepted by those spy networks.

I'm not sure Obama lied about closing Gitmo and some of the other foreign relations-related policies you mentioned. He may have been told some things after getting into office that changed his mind. Just about all of your complaints could easily go back to things he knows now that he didn't while running for office.

I agree that business interests have far too much influence over US governmental affairs. It's time for a new Constitutional Convention to get the corporate interests off our backs.

As a candidate, #Obama praised the "courage and patriotism" of whistleblowers. As president, the reality has differed |

Once again, what a private citizen knows is undoubtedly different from the information available to the President. If he finds out, to take an example, that a conspiracy to bring a hydrogen bomb into Los Angeles' harbor may be afoot, I don't want him having to conform his response to something he said when his knowledge of the world was limited to the publicly available news sources. I want him to stop it. If that means torture, secret raids on foreign soil, etc., I'm willing to look the other way.

what if that means raiding your house and torturing your children? we think we're giving our government more power to do whats right but what we're really doing is handing over our civil rights.


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