This is not only for those in our community who consider themselves Republican but for those who are Democrat, Libertarian and everything in between; What do you dislike about Obama.

Here's what I see:

- Came into a shit-storm of a situation, economy wrecked and in two wars.

- He made decisions that can be criticized and should be however, the economy is on the mend.

- He has ended one war and is ending another one.

- He has restored the reputation of this country in the eyes of much of the rest of the world.

- He killed Osama.

- He created health care reform that will benefit millions (not perfect by any means, but a step in the right direction for sure)

- He ended DADT

He has disappointed us in many ways as well but all in all I think he has done well considering not only the circumstances he came into, but also the hostile and overtly racist government he has to deal with.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you dislike about Obama?

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Then it's just as I was told in Australia - thank you, Robert. (A purely unsolicited testimonial - my friend is female)

RE: "The competition between free public and paid private care helps to keep private care cheaper."

This is an EXcellent reason for national health care - I once went to a doctor to get a mole looked at, and just for giggles, I timed how long he spent with me - 12 minutes. He charged me $125! Yes, I know how many years it takes to become a doctor, as well as how much money, but ten dollars per minute, when the country's in a recession?!!

And the thing is, in a system based on private care, the doctor doesn't have to see you at all. What this means is he can say "I don't want to see anymore Medicare patients or patients with stingy insurance or people without much money who are self-insured. Instead, I'll just cherry pick the most lucrative clients and raise my rates."

That's another reason we need national healthcare which makes sure everybody gets at least basic care. The hardest care for a poor person to get is preventive care because if he ends up with a serious condition he'll end up in the ER unable to pay. He'll get his care and the rest of us will pay for it anyway. ER care is almost always the most expensive care around.

Damn I kinda agree with the ole fart..

The hardest care for a poor person to get is preventive care because if he ends up with a serious condition he'll end up in the ER unable to pay. He'll get his care and the rest of us will pay for it anyway. ER care is almost always the most expensive care around.

@ Unseen - And, AND, you can have a ailment that can easily lead to something serious, but you can't afford to see a doctor so you go straight to the emergency room even though the possibility exists that a doctor would have sufficed.

ER care is definitely the most expensive around - yet Republicans repeatedly cite ER as the reason we don't need an national care program. 

None of them have to use it - it keeps the riff-raff out of THEIR doctors' offices ... ER for us suits them fine. 

i do believe that he's trying to work on the cost of college....look I don't particularly care for Obama, but there are some things he gets a bad rap for but can't move forward because of his ties to big dough...that part I don't like.

I'd love to see your sources on that ... "...many of them have terrible health care quality and insane waiting periods" - none of my overseas friends have a word to say in complaint about their national health care systems.  They're all very happy.  But talk to ANY American (I don't include the federal plan many are on) - and they will talk a blue streak about the insanity of ours.  They'll also tell you about the family members that died for want of decent care.  I have stories myself - most of us do.

So - citations if you please.

I would rather have had single-payer - but it's a miracle, considering how obstructionist republicans were - that he passed ANYTHING at all.

bullshit. Do some research.

WE (AUS) DO have a national health care system, no one will go sick here or die on the street because they get kicked out of a hospital for not having medical!!! We whinge about OUR health care system, but in all honesty, this is the best country in the world to be poor in - which is why so many boats are always on our doorstep.

Helena I would agree if the country wasn't so wealthy.  Plus poor from the psychological standpoint or the economic?

Helena --

My friend, Suzzane (with the white unicorn avatar), also from Australia, says exactly the same thing.

you can keep world class health care, but as cost are rising thru the roof, only the rich will be able to afford it, and that probably includes you not affording it sometime in the future unless you hit the lottery...really you should re-examine your subconscious Randian thought...

Obama never apologized to anyone for the United States.


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