This is not only for those in our community who consider themselves Republican but for those who are Democrat, Libertarian and everything in between; What do you dislike about Obama.

Here's what I see:

- Came into a shit-storm of a situation, economy wrecked and in two wars.

- He made decisions that can be criticized and should be however, the economy is on the mend.

- He has ended one war and is ending another one.

- He has restored the reputation of this country in the eyes of much of the rest of the world.

- He killed Osama.

- He created health care reform that will benefit millions (not perfect by any means, but a step in the right direction for sure)

- He ended DADT

He has disappointed us in many ways as well but all in all I think he has done well considering not only the circumstances he came into, but also the hostile and overtly racist government he has to deal with.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you dislike about Obama?

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This appears to be the constantly moving goal posts archaeopteryx mentioned. So, now European culture is based on ice ages. Okay, then let's look at peoples who live in arctic climes. Do they have a European-like culture based on mastery of nature? No more than anywhere else. No matter where you live, mastering nature is key to survival.

When ice ages happened, people for the most part cleared out (or died out) and the rest of the humans lived in mostly temperate zones.

With you, it's hard not to be arrogant.

you make me wonder why people think Europeans are the master "race"

I'm otta more games...dude..

Oh, good. Now I can mention all the things wrong with African thinking without fear of contradiction.

Talk about the widespread abuse of women in Africa, where in many areas women are simply expected to submit to men who want sex; where lesbians are subjected to "corrective rape" on the theory that they simply haven't had good sex with a man yet; where men refuse to use condoms even in areas where HIV is rampant; where witchcraft, spells, exorcisms, and other superstitions are still common.

Yes, they have a lot of respect for nature. Perhaps we should pattern ourselves after them.

RE: "the African cultural mind had no problem with Nature"

Tell that to the mountain gorillas of the Virungas --

Wth???? Africans became poochers when the demand from Europe created the market..just like the elephant, just like the rhino, lion, chimps and antelope..

You know the people who don't have any respect for Nature..just like enslavement create a market and have the stupid ass natives kill each other over the crumbs...

I KNEW it - I told myself as I typed it, that that's the response you would give!

So it's the drug user's fault that the dealer sells drugs! Let's open the cell doors and let all of those poor victims out! Sorry guys, no hard feelings? Would collecting $200 help?

Wait a minute - "enslavement create a market" - isn't that what drug dealers do? "The first one's free --"

It was Africans who captured and sold other Africans into slavery - wonder if they could have prevented the American Civil War, if they had only adopted the, "Just Say No" policy? Surprisingly, "the African cultural mind" that "had no problem with Nature" didn't seem to extend its love of nature to it's fellow man.

But that's probably just my "European Cultural Values" talking --

Blaine don't be silly.  Pls come up with a better analogy.  I think dealing with white supremacy, no matter what century, is a throwback..and using antiquated academic European thought is counter evolutionary.  Whether you wish to believe it or not, racism (white supremacy) is very much alive and well and given that, if you had the ability to go beyond your educational and social limitations, you'd see what I'm really saying..

But that would make your mind not feel like exploding but really doing it..

lol and I was surprised that you couldn't take it deeper..if the poppy growers didn't produce for profit, then the drug problem would be confined to "legal" drugs...

And yes creating a market will make people do aberrant things. In fact even before the European, the African learned about international slaving from the Arabs and since "slave" is of European origin, I'd suppose they practiced it too..

Arch, I understand that you can't help being "clever."...

Slavery existed in Africa long before the Arabs or Europeans. It went back thousands of years before European civilization. One of the most obvious of many examples would be Egypt. While it's no longer believed that the pyramids were built using slave labor, household and agricultural slaves (mostly women) were common.

That would seem to make ancient Egyptians more culpable than their later European/American counterparts as originators of slavery. From there, perhaps the idea spread to the Arab world and Europe, with the Arabs originating the idea of an international slave trade.

If a market makes people do aberrant things, then it would seem to follow that the slavers on both sides of the ocean were just reacting to irresistible economic forces calling for slavery.

Or are you arguing that African slavers were even more subject to a European/American slave system than the European/American slavers were? That would seem to support a racist view that white people were just smarter.

I don't buy that view, but strangely you seem to. My view is that European/American business people were aware of widespread slavery, had to compete against it, and so opted in.

RE: "I understand that you can't help being 'clever.'"

Clearly you can. You DO seem to excel at patronization and condescension however.

What I'm beginning to get from these little chats of ours, is "Black, good - White, bad," and however you have to twist a story to give it that concept as a moral, you'll do it.

Unseen, I think you believe that Chattel enslavement was similar to an enslavement that could allow for the enslaved to become a dignitary within the group...I don't think African enslavement removed the humanity of their enslaved.  I think you need a history lesson in that regard.

Why didn't the European/American business people work for a living or pay white workers? 

I don't buy that the European was smarter, in fact that's the point of this whole thing, they were culturally DIFFERENT..


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I already told you about the white good thing, it's just that you don't wish to believe me..

I think I have to stop reading this discussion because it just makes me sad. If obama is president again we're fucked. If romney is president, we're fucks. but because they are the 2 main parties, everyone thinks they have to vote for one or the other. and thats only gonna increase the power of this 2 party dictatorship.


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