This is not only for those in our community who consider themselves Republican but for those who are Democrat, Libertarian and everything in between; What do you dislike about Obama.

Here's what I see:

- Came into a shit-storm of a situation, economy wrecked and in two wars.

- He made decisions that can be criticized and should be however, the economy is on the mend.

- He has ended one war and is ending another one.

- He has restored the reputation of this country in the eyes of much of the rest of the world.

- He killed Osama.

- He created health care reform that will benefit millions (not perfect by any means, but a step in the right direction for sure)

- He ended DADT

He has disappointed us in many ways as well but all in all I think he has done well considering not only the circumstances he came into, but also the hostile and overtly racist government he has to deal with.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you dislike about Obama?

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As a citizen of this country I am most despondent that our current president does not understand the huge ramifications of allowing our national debt to now approach SIXTEEN TRILLION dollars. We are literally throwing our tax dollars away when you consider the element of interest on the debt. This will become a huge burden for our younger generations. Greece should of been a wake up call as you see what happens when a society lives beyond it's means for too long. It is folly to think you can spend your way to solvency.

maybe you should think about getting rid of a system that charges interest..


As someone else mentioned, he didn't do the deed but he gave the order which still puts the blood on his hands. .. No different then when a Mob boss puts out a contract on someone, they may not actually kill the person, but they're just as responsible as those who did.. 

He did not kill Osama, but as Commander in Chief he gave the order to kill him.  Unlike our previous CIC who had OBL dead to rights in Tora Bora and let him go, I assume so he could extend the war and make more money for his war profiteering buddies like Haliburton.

We can crow about how much we love freedom and democracy on Fox news and have them repeat it back to us so much we actually believe it but Murdoch has not been able to dominate the world airwaves with his lies like he has the US.  The world sees our hypocrisy of praising liberty, freedom, and democracy, while we support every tin pot dictator anywhere in the world for the benefit of oil company profits.

The rest of the world knows that however much we preach democracy and freedom we have no problem running down to Walmart or the Apple Store to but our trinkets made with slave labor.

I am disappointed enough in Obama that I am changing my lifelong registration as a Democrat to anything else.  If I were homosexual I would greatly appreciate all the great efforts he has done on my behalf.  I have nothing against all the things he has done for homosexuals, but he has done nothing else for any of us.  His turning his back on labor in Wisconsin is the latest slap in the face to anyone middle class or lower. 

With the exception of the gay rights efforts everything else he has passed has been legislation with a poison pill that he is either so politically inept he hasn't recognized it, or it has been something he really wanted to do because he is not liberal, or progressive, or even a Democrat.  He is a moderate Republican from the 1970's.  I didn't vote for moderate republicans before and I won't do it now.

To me it is the choice of killing the middle class with a death of a thousand cuts with Obama, or one quick slice across the throat that we will get with the Republicans.  Either way the middle class is dead and the US, a country of the corporation,by the corporation, for the corporation, will finish it's transition to a corporate fascist state before we know it.

Here is some logic I don't understand.  We don't like the government because is it corrupt and doing only the bidding of the big money and corporations which is damaging our country and the people in it.  So the solution is obviously to reduce government, and get it out of the way of the corporations so they have even more freedom and power to steal or money our pensions and our houses, while they are poisoning our food, water, and air.  All with even less regulation than the charade of regulatory power the government has now.

i can concur with most of what you've said, but what is some logic you would understand given the current state of the country?

I don't understand why it is that if we hate what the government is doing because it is doing the bidding of big money and corporations, the solutions is to remove whatever impediment the government provides to their profit at any costs business plan, by continuously reducing the size of government and their regulatory abilities.  Instead of the solution being to retake the function of government and have it actually represent the people who have elected them.

Why do people like the tea party and conservatives think giving the corporations free reign will make things better and not worse.

What I dislike about Obama? That he's a moral coward and has not even said a WORD while the current massacres have been ongoing in Syria. As a moderate Democrat, I have decided that I cannot and will not vote for Obama come November. While I am not a fan of Romney, I will vote for him come November as a protest against Obama. There has been too much bloodshed in Syria and Obama has been too silent; apparently as a means of using the lives of the Syrian people as a bargaining chip to appease the Islamic Republic ahead of the upcoming nuclear negotiations.

Hey, as soon as there's a UN Security Council decision to intervene, I'm sure the US will heed the call. That's the difference between Libya and Syria.

Getting Russia to change ITS position is the key.

He could have AT LEAST spoken out on the issue to the American public. He hasn't said a word! Ultimately, Obama got lucky he had the opportunity to kill Bin Laden. On the biggest foreign policy issues (Iran) and (Syria) he has been an appeaser and not a leader. Even with Libya, I doubt he would have intervened had it not been the leadership of Nicolas Sarkozy. He has not learned from his mistakes in remaining silent as a matter of appeasement in 2009 during the protests in Iran - and he is doing the same now. Frankly, he is a moral coward. In addition, he thinks it is somehow wise to leak national security information (i.e. see Olympic Games) for purposes of reelection. I see this President as a colossal failure on the important foreign policy issues of our day.

Why not vote for Gary Johnson? He's not Obama, and he's not Romney.  I'd rather see people go for a libertarian rather than Romney.

i'd really like dr ron paul to win but if he doesnt get the nomination,, johnson is my first pick. its about time we had a 3rd party president.



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