Somebody ran a What do you dislike about Obama post, so it's only fair to have one about Romney. Here are my gripes:

1) What's the problem with releasing more than one and possibly two tax returns? Nominees in the past have opened up more returns than that? It implies there's something in there we're not supposed to see.

2) His money in offshore banks in Switzerland and The Cayman Islands is creating jobs offshore (that's what banks do with money in their savings accounts: they invest it, usually locally). At the same time, he says Obama's policies drive jobs overseas.

3) He wants to repeal Obama's healthcare law and says he will replace it with something better, but apparently we won't know what that is until AFTER the election.

I could say lots more, but that's up to you.

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If Romney is trying to 'be our friend', I would much rather interview the rest of the list. There is one thing to think about for a few microseconds, if Romney did get the presidency, I would expect that this would galvanize the left and middle into a political frenzy. I think Romney is crazy making incarnate! I can just about see his first year in office, state of the 'Union' given from Salt Lake city, student unrisings, war with Ecotopia, and corporate diners at the white house with food stamp mothers as kitchen help! 

He's just a massive arse hole embarrassing America. Like most politicians. 

Who cares.. I'm still trying to get my profile deleted off this site and it seems that once you're here there's no getting off. This site sucks ass

Maybe when you take on "this site sucks" as your ID, you're asking for it. Why not just block all emails from AT? Duh!

Dear Sir:

Of course it 'sucks', to you!

Of all the places I have been, I like this better than Facebook! Sadly I agree with most of the postes....;p)

He doesn't give a flying flip about anyone in the working class or the poor.

First off, great question, the absolute number 1 reason i hate Mitt Romney is that he is a pathological liar. A man who lies about his own first name cannot and should not be trusted in any situation. I am an ex-mormon as well, so i have insight into Romney's faith although i did not serve a mission or ever go through the temple so i have no magic underwear of my own.

for me, its all about the magic underwear.  I just have a real problem with the president of the worlds greatest super power, wearing and believing in magic underwear.


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