Somebody ran a What do you dislike about Obama post, so it's only fair to have one about Romney. Here are my gripes:

1) What's the problem with releasing more than one and possibly two tax returns? Nominees in the past have opened up more returns than that? It implies there's something in there we're not supposed to see.

2) His money in offshore banks in Switzerland and The Cayman Islands is creating jobs offshore (that's what banks do with money in their savings accounts: they invest it, usually locally). At the same time, he says Obama's policies drive jobs overseas.

3) He wants to repeal Obama's healthcare law and says he will replace it with something better, but apparently we won't know what that is until AFTER the election.

I could say lots more, but that's up to you.

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This thread sort of implies that there's something to LIKE about Mitt Romney... :\

Well...granted, he's less likely to round us all up in concentration camps than santorum was, but not by much.

I like the way his "mom jeans" fit. I like the way he looks kind of like Bob (Church of the Subgenius) but without the pipe. Oh, wait...I'm supposed to be saying things I dislike!

I guess my biggest gripe with the fellow was videos of conversations between him and students concerning student loans. It showed a real disregard for student concerns and funding education.

My second is Mormonism. I do not want that operation using the presidency as their bully pulpet. I still remember their position on the ERA during the early 80's, which was a stink that left many on the left, a little dumfounded. My debates over the years with members of the church and visits within the church, has left a feeling that they do not know how to play nice with others, and have a thin hold on reality.

My third is money. Given the state of the economy and the degree to which morgage operations, banking, and wall street were involved, makes me wonder about his loyalities. Going through the economy crap, which affected me personally, and then rewarding one of the robber barrons with the presidency, seems totally unreasonable. 

My fourth is conservatism. At the time, we need people that understand the sciences, the complexity of our culture, and state of the economy, we don't need clowns that want to harken back to the bad old days of religious demogogery, and enforced ignorance.

Four thumbs down, sorry!


There are so many examples of Romney saying only what he thinks people want to hear.  Examples: saying Obama is a snob for attending Harvard (Romney attended Harvard twice as long.) Saying that he deserves some credit for the GM bailout (He took out a full-page ad in the NY Times saying he was against the bailout.)  Obamacare is Romneycare, but he is outraged at Obamacare and vows to repeal it.

These are blatent examples, and there are many more, yet his supporters don't seem to care.  I personally would be embarrassed to be a Romney supporter for this reason alone. (Not to mention that I believe that his brand of conservatism is morally reprehensible.)

He's a homophobic, right winged bigot who made his money by liquidating companies and destroying jobs. He hides his money in offshores accounts, he bitches about Obamacare when he instigated a nearly identical bill in his own state, and on top of it all, he gives me the baddest vibe any presidential candidate has ever given me.

Seriously, have you seen the man smile? He looks like a Bond Villain whose plans are all coming to fruition. At least Santorum was a fucking moron. Romney's just evil. Evil with a capital "E".

His worn-out Etch-a-Sketch. 

Kind of reminds me of Ronald Reagan. Which strongly makes me want to kick him in the face.

I don't know about anyone else, but when he talks he seems so fake.  Like a slimy car salesman trying to sell you a clunker that is way overpriced.  Just his facial expressions and body language make me not trust him.  

It's just a vibe I get - Nothing I can really put my finger on.  

It seems a sad state of affairs when we compair our politicians to used car salespersons...;p)

Sadly it does not seem such a terrible streach. Both are attempting to mis-use the english language to make a sale, old ford truck, to invasion of Irag. Both sales could kill, waste resources, add to the GDP, and allow liberals(what a responsible thing you did for the environment) and conservatives(what caused you to not buy a Cad?), more talking points.

I have had a few weird experiences with car sales folks. The most telling was, I was looking for a truck, and a friend found one locally that might be ok. I got in to drive, but as I turned the truck on, the sales fellow turned on the radio! I asked him to 'turn the radio off, else you will have no option of a sale at all!' He turned the radio off and I realized that there was a lot of ugly valve noise, implying a valve job real soon! I got out and walked away. Found out latter that my 'friend' was trying to help sell the car for the dealer and pocket a few bucks, at my expense! Sometimes having a modicum of engineering/mechanical sense can save your cookies! But picking your friends better can just about be as valuable....;p(  

"It seems a sad state of affairs when we compair our politicians to used car salespersons...;p)"

I agree a used car salesperson has more ethics. :>)

Romney has stated that does not care about poor people.

His wife has stated that while Mitt was working on the Olympics he was working a 150 hours a week when you include the time he worked for Bain. 

Was stated today that Mitt "retired retroactively" from Bain Capital.

Holy underwear, homophobic, takes any position he thinks you want to hear, and the list goes on.

Thats exactly what i was going to say.   It's in his eyes.  He knows this used car he is trying to sell you was underwater in the Hurricane Katrina floods, yet his facial expressions just can't contain the truth he is so desperately trying to hide.


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