I recently heard a discussion on christian radio about a person calling him or herself and atheist. The gist is that to call yourself what is essentially a negative, discounts your ethos. People in sobriety do not call themselves "non-drunks" but the more positive and self-affirming "sober". So, the question is, what do you call yourself and why? Personally, I refer to myself as an Evangelical Atheist because I am actively expressing my position and am always willing to join a religious conversation to expound the Atheist point of view. My wife, on the other hand, prefers nontheist. Whether there is a god or not, she could hardly care less and gives neither side any thought.

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Hmm that is an interesting point you make. I think I will call myself a nontheist then. But I guess I am a secular humanist as well?

While I am an atheist, I prefer the term secular humanist. It lets you know that I am a humanist (which I feel is very important), and throwing "secular" in there lets you know that I am a humanist in a secular (not religious) sense. It's kind of like killing two birds with one stone.                                                      


Disclaimer: I in no way condone the killing of birds ;)

feeding two birds with one crumb

Atheist, simply because that is the label that religious people fear the most.

Love it.


Atheist - and proud.


I like to refer to myself as an Infidel or just a plain old Atheist.

I agree. I prefer Rational Humanist when discussing the Invisible Pink Unicorn since she is essentially a logic problem. I prefer Atheist in general and Evangelical Atheist once my chain gets yanked. That usually happens when people decide they are going to "pray for me".

I can't stand people who say they don't like labels as if they are in some indie punk band but don't want to be boxed in by other peoples standards. Problem is that when you let other people define you then you are like Led Zeppelin who was labeled classic rock by a record company.  Screw that, everything is labeled.  Labels have meaning and unless you check yourself as undecided, then there are labels that do apply to who you are.  Atheists explains on aspect of who I am so I accept that label along with a skeptic, humanist, animal lover, chess player, artist, and so much more.  People seem to gravitate to ambiguous or "safe" labels to avoid confrontation but soft labels make soft people.  I hope nobody who is asked about God comes back with "I am skeptical." as if the jury is still out.  Bah, f' that!  I am an atheist.  Prove your point or shut the hell up.

I'm a rock hard Atheist myself. At 85, I'm still enjoying life most days. On a 'bad day', I've been ready to go for years. When I go to the VA hospital, I leave my Freethought Today papers there & my American Atheist magazines. All of my friends are fellow Atheists from many years of 'cultivating' them. Never pass up a chance to state my dis-beliefs.


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