This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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I think I like you a bit more now because now you're just fuckin with me =)

You're being a bit ridiculous Angela.  You fail to realize that a lot of men don't realize such obvious things such as...

1.)  Clean your freakin house before you bring a woman over. 

2.)  Don't talk about yourself nonstop.

3.)  Don't pay women too many compliments too early.  It only validates them too soon.  That it makes you look needy and weak.  

Just a few of the numerous things a lot of men are absolutely oblivious too.  And the reason?  Women like you who laugh at the fact that this material is out there being taught to guys who get the usual answers from their female friends who don't understand themselves or male psychology well enough to give meaningful or accurate answers.  

And I don't think you realize that the term 'boot camp' is not her creation.  It's the term used where people like her who get men together to coach them in real life situations to achieve results.  It's like a 'boot camp' because most of these men have as strong a fear approaching women as I do with spiders.  

And I'll tell you one thing, after watching some of the videos of these PUA's speaking about issues such as 'it's all in your head, you need to just get over your fear and do it or you'll never succeed at it'...The next spider I saw, I picked it up and played with it and let it crawl all over my arm.  Then I realized there was a spider on my arm and I kind of freaked out a bit and had to go through the same thought process all over again :)


Dustin this ....

Make a woman laugh and she is yours.

Have you noticed that, in general, women are not funny.

The reason why is because women did not have to develop this skill to attract men.

Men on the other hand have to compete with other men and they worked out that this indeed works.

This is why men are way funnier than women ... They had to evolve this skill over thousands of years and it works.

Humor is a sign of intelligence.


Try reading'

Why Women Arent Funny by Christopher Hitchens

Vanity Fair Magazine.





Oh ok.  So all my female friends who I can make laugh are all 'mine'?  


You are forgetting that a lot of the time, the woman is laughing not at the jokes...but at the entire aura the man she is ALREADY interested in brings to her.

It's the attraction that you need to build and getting a woman to laugh is not really an answer.  

And thanks, I already saw the video.  


No No ... Not Jokes ... Humour ... Its different.

Works for me and a few other women Ive asked.

Laughter is a great ice breaker.

I'll tell you what is a big turn off for me .. A man who is tidier or spends more time in front of the mirror than I do.

and also those body centric type jock guys or those mans man kind of guys ... I dont go for them.

I would also like to add that the sort of relationship the woman  had with her own father will hold a clue to what will attract or repel her.

For example ... My father was an alcoholic so heavy drinkers dont get far with me.



"And I don't think you realize that the term 'boot camp' is not her creation".

I first wrote boob camp ... thats my attempt at humor

you missed it ...



No, I picked up on the boob camp line, I just thought you were making another insecure joke about her looks.  

Humor is a hugely attractive thing for me.  I had a boyfriend once with whom I attempted to watch Monty Python's Holy Grail many times.  We never made it through the movie. 

I once saw a TV bit about women who were knockouts with rather ordinary male partners, the question being "Why did you choose HIM?" The universal reply was, "He makes me laugh."


Dustin ...  I think I can spot your problem ... you are way to defensive.

Women can smell a passive agressive guy a mile away ....

I can smell it way over here in Australia even.

Not a good look ...

Do you also sulk?  Well dont.

as far as that ladies looks go, well she's just an ordinary pretty girl. She is not as special to me as she seems to be for you.

Now lighten up and go get your funnies on ...


I suppose you can reply to Dustin through my post. Should I pass it along to him?


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