This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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I've always looked at those "special Privileges" as the root-ball of sexism. You can chop the whole thing down but it will just grow back. Sexism is and always has been built on the belief that women are weak and incapable. You pay for a womans dinner under the assumption that she lacks the social standing or means to pay her own way. You open a door for a women under the deeply buried assumption that she has the arm streangh of an ill chicken, and lacks even the ability to ballance on her own two fucking feet. Women who whine about the loss of these traditionalist nods to their past oppressions, are really just insulting themselves (and all humanity by extension). They are siding with people who believe that women should not be allowed to leave the home without a male escort.

A lot of women who talk a feminist game of equality also like this, that, or the other of traditional roles. They don't want to feminize men. They don't want to have to be more aggressive in order to be successful. They think things will become right if they change both men and institutions.

I'm reminded of a commentator comparing blacks and Jews who said, "The difference between blacks and Jews is this: blacks have become convinced that if they are active enough they can put an end to racism. The Jews, by contrast, have decided that there will always be antisemitism and have gotten on with their lives. I think it's pretty clear which is the better strategy."

Women today seem more like the blacks than the Jews.

You've got it there. It perplexes me when a man rushes to a door just so he can open it for me. Don't get me wrong, I think it's polite to open a door or hold a door open for someone behind you, but no special effort should be made for a certain gender.

The has an article that mentions how opening doors for women, the elderly, and the impaired is essential to being a man. I think the comments section had an entire discussion about how to walk up and down stairs in the presence of a woman (behind her going up, in front going down).

Last December I dated a guy who reminded me, with no little pride, that he was raised in the South where men open doors and pay for everything whenever I pointed out how unnecessary it was. If we crossed a street he would always place himself on the side of any oncoming traffic. Then he chided me for saying something rather stupid one day (I certainly have my moments) by saying I was an independent woman and could do things for myself. Women are not the only ones capable of sending mixed signals. I'm not surprised our relationship didn't last long. 

I am not a woman, but I find that most people just want to be told, sincerely, how good, great, wonderful, etc., that they are.  But, don't tell a woman that she is sexy (etc.) until everybody's clothes are off and fun is being had by all.  I had a hard time with that one.  It always seemed like the more physically attracted I was to a woman, the more likely I was to say so and thereby blow my chances.  It is far better to compliment her hair, dress, or something like that because she usually went to some trouble to make those things look nice.  If she doesn't look her best, then just be sympathetic such as by saying something that shows genuine concern.

Ooh, I forgot to add the most important thing:  Learn to recognize the nonverbal signals that a woman is interested in you.  What many women really want is for men to know when they are not interested.


"But, don't tell a woman that she is sexy"

That one is very true for me ... I like to be seen as more than that.

If all he can see is sex ... then I run thata way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

But I have a friend who is the opposite ... she thinks that if men are sexually agressive with her, then they must like her.

*shrug - go figure*

Women confuse me too ...

Women confuse me too ...

Damn right they do. I don't get my friends because they are completely different to me. They all want to be treated equally but they want to be taken care of and treated like a house wife???? I on the other hand actually want to be treated like an equal where my career is just as important as his and we make decisions as a couple, with input, and my voice is heard on every topic. Don't ever make sexist jokes, I hate them. It's not funny because I am not that woman.

So every woman is different. You need to ask her, or be around her enough to learn what it is she likes and wants.

The answer is based on the woman. Women generally want different things. Some women just want someone to spend the rest of their life with, some never want to settle down, some want to travel, others want to stay close to home. You really just have to base it off of what woman you are with or want to be with. I will tell you that all women want to be treated with dignity and respect (which is fair). So really, just be a decent guy and go with the flow.

Honestly nobody in this forum is really going to give you good answers on such a complex question.  Check out guys who are good with women, also known as PUA's (Pick up artists...guys who have studied female psychology and know how to put it all into practice and achieve results.)  or if you want a womans point of view, check this woman out.

Everything she says is spot on because she tells it like it is.  There's a general rule that you should never ask a woman what women want because they tell you all the things they 'think they want' but don't actually want.  It's like a catch 22.  Or that they tell you things society forces them to believe that they want but deep inside they want something else but don't express it.  But in her case, she's all truth. 

Another reason is because men who asks these sort of questions are generally thought of as fragile or not alpha males and so the women sugarcoat their answers or just expect men to know.  They are after all sensitive and don't want to hurt feelings.

Everyone knows of a story where a girl/woman says something like 'Oh, I think you're such a nice, sweet, funny, intelligent guy and any girl would love to have you as their girlfriend but I just got out of a long relationship and don't want to date again just yet.'  But then a couple days later you find out she's dating some other guy you know.  It's not that she was lying to you, it's that maybe that's what she truly felt in her heart...until she didn't a couple days later.  Or maybe she was just being nice.  

'Chase Amante' and 'Sasha Daygame' or Neil Strauss are 3 guys that are solid.  Sasha has videos of himself cold approaching women in busy streets and getting kisses from them, numbers, etc all within a few minutes time in broad daylight with people walking around everywhere.  And it's not faked material.  LOL, the highest thumbed up You Tube post on one of his videos was 'Wow, this guy lives life in *EASY MODE*' because he makes it all look so natural but it takes years of practice to figure women out.  That's part of the fun and the challenge.  They are so wonderfully complex and 99% of the time confusing to those who don't understand them. 

The sad truth is that most men aren't naturals at this and women make it so ridiculously hard on us to read them because they expect men to read their minds.

Don't think of it as learning how to manipulate women.  Think of it as learning the art form of understanding what women actually mean when they say things.  And what they really want out of a relationship or a boyfriend or life.  

If you're going to go to an interview,  there are millions of articles you can find on what to say , how to say it, what to wear, how to sit, how to give a correct handshake and make eye contact, etc etc....this is basically the same stuff but the topic is FAR FAR more complex.  


Aww c'mon Dustin ...

Would you listen to her if she looked more like Margaret Thatcher and less like a stripper?

Did I hear the lovely kazia say she runs boob boot camps?

Whats that about?

Oh come on.  She's gorgeous yes, but you have to understand that she's been around the block a few times more than Margaret Thatcher and understands male psychology well enough to address the issues in ways they will understand.  Unlike what other women on here have already said...'ask the woman you want to ask' or my favorite 'we would prefer if you already knew what women wanted'...



Dustin ... Please send me your credit card details right now and I will tell you what women really want ... truly ... ummm ... I know all ... I see your future.







Sorry Dustin ... I didnt mean to laugh.



Have you sent me those details yet?


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