This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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So when will the Vorlons come by to ask who women are?

I'm more worried about a Vogon spaceship showing up to make way for some sort of intergalactic hyperspace bypass.


Unseen - I was positive that you would have replied with -

'A good bonking'.

: )

I'm a little more sophisticated than that. PLUS...I'm a nerd.


A "sophisticated nerd"

Well now I want to ask you if your asexual but I better not.



Women are not some monolithic single being. We're people. We're complex and we don't all want the same things. If you're wondering what a specific woman wants, you'd have to ask her, and honestly, if the answer is, "Not you." you need to accept that like an adult and move on.

You make it sound like every woman on the planet are all special individuals but you fail to understand the scope of his question.  There are in fact generalizations that can be made and things that most if not all women share in their needs and desires.  

That's just not true. Some women want to be in love, some don't. Some want to be successful in a business endeavor, some don't. Some want a quiet life, some want something more exciting. These wants are ever-changing and never quite the same for any woman -- let alone any person. Would you say there are things every single man wants? If so, you'd be wrong again. We're all individuals, we all want different things, and even if we do want the same things, we have different ideas of how to get there. Generalizing a group of people based on gender can never work, because there's always someone breaking the generalization.

That's why this whole glass ceiling thing is such a red herring. There are women who are successful and powerful, and the one thing they all have in common is that they accept the values of the institution they want to rise in and don't expect someone to go ahead of them smoothing the way. In other words, if the institutional values are "male values," the woman who accepts them probably stands much the same chance as a male counterpart. 

One problem feminism has been fighting from the beginning is the superwoman syndrome. The belief that a woman can be a successful homemaker, respected scholar, or business powerhouse. They never stop to consider that most men succeed by choosing just one, at most (and rarely) two of those things and going for it. Men generally accept that they can't have it all.

Yeah, we all want sex.  Next question?  :)

I said 'special individuals'...of course women can be lumped into groups, but it doesn't mean that EVERY SINGLE woman is TOTALLY different in 'their own special way'.  So yes, you can still make generalizations as you just did by addressing the different 'lumped groups' that you mentioned.  

This is what I'm banking on. I figure the rest comes naturally.


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