This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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"Learning to manipulate women to have conquests, and boost your ego..... kinda creepy"

You could think of it this way.  I tend to believe that a person will do something if they want to do it.  Like I really want to try harder drugs but I'm a bit shy about trying them.  I would love for someone to come along and 'coerce' me into trying them.  To bypass the angel on my left shoulder so to speak.  So I believe it's the same for women and sex.  I think the regrets women have after having sex with a guy who "Manipulated" Her into bed did in fact want to get laid and most likely enjoyed the experience.  But she 'regrets' it or thinks it's 'creepy' because its an easy way to justify it so she doesn't feel like she's a slut afterwards.  

Call me creepy but I have heard other females agree with me on this and say they secretly want the man to coerce her so she can blame him and not take blame herself.  That's precisely why women play 'hard to get'.  They can't make it 'too easy' because after all they are a 'lady' and they are 'pure'.  

And I don't go on these 'conquests' to prove myself to other men.  I do it because I love the chase and the game.  It's like mental chess to me.  I know these girls are playing the game as well.  

And let's be clear.  Chasing a girl in this manner or 'gaming her' so to speak is not anything like stalking or raping.  I see it as giving her what she secretly wants even if she doesn't outright admit it.  

And the past 3 times I have had a girl say 'I'm not sleeping with you' or 'I'm not having sex with you'...well let's just say her wish didn't come true :)  

So if they say it, don't they mean it?  Or are they just saying it because they feel obligated to say it when they secretly feel otherwise?  Think about that.  

I'm not going to bite at your last question.  

Maybe I haven't met enough of them, but I've never had a girl say 'Hey, let's fuck.' 

No, it doesn't work like that.   Just like a girl who doesn't get the door for you and doesn't pay the bill on the first date.  This is why girls get 100 messages a week in online dating and attractive guys will get 0 unless they are the ones out there being persistent.  

Of course it would be healthier if they did this, but that's societies problem for instilling a sense of guilt into them for having sex with guys they just met or don't know very well.  

And no, I'm saying that they won't feel as guilty or impure afterwards if the guy is persistent and takes them.  They have a scapegoat, someone to blame, the guilt and impurity is lifted off their shoulders.  At least to a degree.  

Here Here to the Thomas's of the world.

Bravo Thomas -  I couldnt agree more.


"Things may not be as easy for women as you assume, not even the drop dead gorgeous ones. I'm a guy who has been on a dating site. I had women send me messages without me instigating. You might look and see if you're scaring women off somehow with your profile."

You don't get as many messages as you've sent.  The number of visitors even is astronomically low within a months time.  Oh right, my picture must be ugly.  Actually it isn't.  And I absolutely love that you ended it with 'scaring them off with your profile'.  You're now going ahead and assuming a lot here.   

Obviously I have received messages from females saying 'Hey I think you're cute.  I love sushi and piano too!  I would love to talk :)"  

Not just once either.  But I've been using the site for a long time.  

Ok.  Next point.  

"We're all a part of society, if we want it to change we have to change it. Society isn't a living creature that will change on its own."

Yeah, that's why I don't call females sluts for being sexual creatures.  I don't think the words 'Bitches' or 'Hoes' are nice words so I don't use them.  I must hate females so much because I show respect to them in my interactions.  Oh, I must be cat calling and whistling at them too...

"Have you ever been married to a women Dustin? Could a guy not do this too? Do you look for reasons to hate women?"

This is an idiotic statement.  Have you ever worn panties to know what panties look like? You know what they look like because you've experienced them in the real world.  So I've experienced marriages in the real world too.  Just because I've never been married myself?  I thought we were critical thinkers here.  

"If you read what you wrote, you give the control to the women by not standing up for yourself. Does it make you feel weak? The problem isn't the woman in that scenario."

What I mean is that women do not deserve being on a pedestal and having chivalrous things done for them simply because they are females.  I don't know what point you're trying to make but it's probably along the lines of what you've done with every other point so far.  

"You might want to get to know a women, before you just decide what she thinks or will do."

Yawn.  You are now just grasping for straws to make this argument that I hate women.  They don't pay for the first date.  OBVIOUSLY I don't mean 'every single woman on the planet has never in their life paid for a first date'. What  mean is that it is such a low number that if it ever did happen it could be considered as...well, a miracle.  Nobody can dispute this fact.  

...Yep, that surprise would be greatly appreciated.  What a special woman that would be...I might even develop respect for her just from that offer..

"Have you ever respected a woman beforeYou sound like you hate womenand like you have a hard time getting any to stick around. If every woman you meet has a problem and doesn't stick around after getting to know you then the problem isn't women or societyit's you."

No, I have never respected a woman before.  I hate them all.  I don't have any female friends because I don't talk to them I hate them so much.  In fact, every facebook post I put up is something along the lines of how much I hate women.  

You're a real trip.   

But I will say that I have minimal respect for how many women claim they want equality without the responsibility.  It makes them seem hypocritical and immature.  Just like a naive princess would think.  They want Daddy's kingdom but don't want to rule it with an iron fist so to speak.  How they say they aren't interested in x y and z but secretly are.  How they feel priviledged (can never spell this word correctly) to dictate how men should act around them rather than the woman changing the way she thinks or behaves.  Elevator Gate for instance.  I do not respect the opinion from many females that say the man should never have been so creepy or rude to approach a woman in an elevator.  

Does this mean I don't respect ALL women? Of course not.  I highly respect Cara.  I have a few friends I highly respect.  But I don't respect them because of their gender.




I should also say I'm far more direct than some PUA's would say works.  I'm not the indirect type of guy.  I make it quite obvious why I'm talking to a girl so she knows that I am flirting with her and showing interest and persistence.  If you don't do this it's awkward...females have a strong bs detector and I do find it misleading if you beat around the bush or make them think you are looking for a relationship to bring their guard down.

I think you summed up the discussion pretty well.

That Thomas talks a lot of sense. 

@ Simon - Thomas Picket is a gorgous young man, new to this site, and with his attitudes toward women, will need to carry a stick with him at all times, keeping the amount of women who want his friendship, at bay :)


Reminds me of a funny card I seen the other day. 




When will one of the females start a "What do men want" thread?

@Dustin - is immediately attracted to him for his inadequacy?

No - what I am saying I don't believe men when talking about conquests, and how they have achieved them. They, first of talk about it, because they are inadequate, and second they will exagerate. Certainly, a female may want to fuck a bloke with this line, I would like to know how many women were given is line, and how many took it up. He would be as good as celibate if he used this line often :)

To me, he would be an inadequate male, with the fitness of a cockroach, and the vast majority of women would either laugh at you or look at you as if you were a simpleton. Maybe you just travel in different circles, where, for the female, there aren't any quality men.

A real man is someone who wants his partner by his side - make up any definition etc.

Part of the learning curve for you, Dustin, if you ever want a relationship - it is the one that works with equality in everything, watching each others back, protecting each other, paying for herself, going in to combat, let the women decide on what they want to do - it is called freedom in being an adult, and making one's own decisions. Aren't you tired of all the old cliches, where women just want to be looked after, wouldn't you like your female to be on your side, and not this 'them and us mentality?'

What do you want in a woman, Dustin?


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