This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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Simon, maybe you can explain to me what Unseen's problem is right now. He seems to think asking questions is the same as whining. I'm trying to engage, but his panties are in a wad over the fact I wrote too much.

You owned him. 

I think maybe he doesn't like clever people, I'm not sure. 

I was owned? Please!

Why shouldn't I have? You and I have had other discussions before on other topics. Why do you resent my input on this? Have I said something offensive? Do you dislike my opinion? I feel some weird resentment coming at me from you and I'm not sure why. You're on TA everyday, giving in-depth opinions. Why am I not entitled to do the same?

I don't whine if someone takes me on. I'm not always taken on politely, I might add.

I don't see any whining, all I see is passive-aggression. 

You're not taking me on. You haven't responded to one thing I've said, aside from the post about you making sweeping generalizations. I appreciate your citations. Asking you questions is not "whining". What's your problem? Take on my arguments, not the fact I dare speak to you.

Haven't responded? I provided a link that EXPLAINS how statistics showing that women make less don't tell the whole story. About how, for example, women who voluntarily choose to work less skew the statistics and make salary comparisons fairly irrelevant. 

It's not a very long read.

If you'll notice, THIS is a thread not related to the one where I responded to you about your sweeping statements. That's elsewhere. Can you "take on" two simultaneous discussions, or do I need to compartmentalize for you?

So... I appreciated the link and C&P job you did "over there". This is a separate discussion. I've responded to the OP here.

I mean, one minute we're too vague... and now I'm being too specific. Or too long-winded. What is YOUR purpose for being in on this discussion?

I just respond with what I think and what I know and sometimes what I conjecture. I don't ask myself what my "purpose" is in every discussion as if I have an agenda or objective.


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