This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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If you want your partner to be interested in the same things as you...have you considered dating  yourself? 

Lesbianism is a more practical option. If male-female issues spark a lot of divorces, why not try female-female? At least you can rely on the toilet seat being put down, if it's that important to you.

Sorry, mate, but I do not believe lesbianism is really going to be your field of expertise. 

Yes, unfortunately I'm not good enough for me. The question is about wants, not interests. Wants are deeper and even obscured by interests. The point (that you obviously missed by the nature of your caustic remark) is that relationships always require sacrifice. If it all becomes too focused on your wants and needs, your partner may feel unloved. On the other hand if you focus on their wants and need, you lose yourself.

@Robert - I don't know about the first sentence, but I agree with all the rest.  Somehow, if you love someone, sacrifice for them is a joy.  That presumes that they treat you well. 

Don't become a middle-aged man staring into your bear. 

I'm imagining a man staring into nether parts of a bear which is staring at a beer.

Sounds like time to up the dosage, Unseen...

I won't up the insulin without permission from my doctor.

Oh man, tell me about it.  My doctor says I have the worst control in the whole practise.  I need to stop smoking so much...


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