This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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Yes I would cry if my girlfriend gave her life for me.  But that would most likely be because she deeply loved me and it wasn't just a natural reaction she had because society has brought her up that way.  

I remember one of the boyfriends, it was like...their 2nd date or something and he pushed her to the ground and protected her.

I don't know what I would do in such a situation but honestly, if I didn't do such an act I believe I would feel a bit less human, a bit less like 'a man' should feel.  I may feel inferior.  But even me who knows it's all just social conditioning and that the womans body is quite capable of saving my body considering a bullet will penetrate through both sexes just as easily...well...that's the thing.  Is it just social conditioning or is it deeper than that in our subconscious/instincts?


@Dustin -

"Is it just social conditioning or is it deeper than that in our subconscious/instincts?" 

That's an interesting point.  The way I see it, males fight with each other to win females.  In a TV nature documentary kind of way, that's how the best genes get to reproduce.  So it's men's job to fight and get killed, women's job to protect the children.  (In a basic over-simplified way.) 

What's confusing to me about what you're saying, Dustin, is that it sounds like you think giving your life for someone out of love is inferior to giving your life as a natural, impulsive instinct. One is a conscious, purposeful act... and the other is a reflex, like kicking when the doctor knocks your knee with his rubber hammer.

Am I supposed to respect the fact that men give their life because they fear they won't seem manly, rather than out of love? Being perceived as weak is worse than death? Because, honestly, I think that's pretty pathetic... and makes me look at the whole thing in a totally different light. I don't want someone to throw themselves in front of a bullet for me if they're greatest fear is not losing me, but that their buddies will think less of them. Gross.

I hope that's not what you mean.

@Cara Colleen

Am I supposed to respect the fact that men give their life because they fear they won't seem manly, rather than out of love?

I think in the case of the men who shielded their partners with their own bodies, it's hard to imagine that a thought like "I'd rather be killed than be thought unmanly" crossed their mind. A thought like that might cross a man's mind if a couple are out and they experience a blowout of a tire. In that case, he's likely to want to be the one to change the tire because he feels it's the manly thing to do.

When men do heroic things there may be some love involved but I'd say it has a lot more to do with a sense of duty. By contrast, women who behave heroically (as in shielding a child) do so more out of love than duty.

Some women are desperate for responsibility. Many are quite happy with the level of low responsibility they have now, feeling they have more than enough responsibility outside of work as it is. Or else they want a quiet relatively low-pressure life.

One thing many feminists or women's advocates do is to make sweeping statements that seem to cover ALL women in much the way the Republicans get up there and make sweeping statements like "The American people want/don't want..." as if the American people were a homogeneous group all of the same opinion.

Women aren't desperate to take on responsibility. Some are, some are not. Quite frankly, it's the same with men. 

You know, you're awfully given to anecdotal evidence ABOUT YOURSELF! I'm sure we're all glad we know so much more about you. I know I am.

Is that good or bad? 

That's for each of us to answer on our own.

I think it's good. 

The OP asked, presumably women, to say what they wanted. He was explicitly asking for anecdotal stories. I'm sorry you're not interested in hearing from a woman, what a woman wants or thinks.

And boy did you go for it.

As did you. 


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