This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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lol what?  

No I thought we were all good now.  I guess not :)

Just the way you were responding earlier on in the conversation seemed a bit immature.  But you've opened up a bit more.  

"Why Women Arent Funny by Christopher Hitchens" - just shows why Christopher Hitchens wasn't intelligent.  wtf???  Out of the 10 funniest people I've known, 7 of them are women. 

Who's the funniest person on Think Atheist?  Heather Spoonheim.  Who's the second funniest?  Me.  Christopher Hitchens was way off beam a lot of the time. 

Yes, if you want to be a douchebag, do listen to Pickup Artists.

So says the one who previously said 'They expect you to already know'.  And 'what each woman wants is different.  You have to ask her.'  

I can see why you would claim Pickup Artists are douchebags. 

But they're not all the same.  The 'fix your inner game' types are far more genuine and honest than the ones who teach you how to manipulate women with words and catch phrases and such.  

And honestly, a woman is either going to think 'This is a nice guy and he's just being friendly' or 'This is a guy that just wants to get in my pants'.  

You don't want to be either and PUA's are good at confusion and evasion in a psychological way.  To mislead the woman and to force them to have to reconsider what type of guy they are talking too.  It's mysterious, it's challenging, it's a game.  Women like the game too but they won't admit it.  That's why it's so easy to pick them up and get numbers.  The ones that are totally against being approached in bars or outside quite frankly don't sound very fun to me anyway and I'd rather pass them up or have them flat out reject me.  

Women love being approached by a nice attractive well spoken, intelligent man.  They just love it.  They might not be interested in him, but they do like the attention.  

On the other hand, I heard a pickup artist interviewed on a radio show a few years ago who said, one of the best lines is "You wanna f_ck?" He said it worked about one time in 30, which meant he got laid almost every night. (I hope he was using condoms.) I imagine he wasn't all that bad looking, though. I can't imagine it works for just any guy.

My son is 20 ...

His pick up line is ...

"Soooo - how do you like me so far" ...

It works with the ones who have a "sense of humor" When I say 'it works' I mean that he will at least get a conversation from it.

But it is hard for guys being knocked back so often ,,,, I do feel for them.

hahah that's a good one.  I have to try that on a few of 'em.  

How about "Girl, you have the end that justifies the means"?

That's confident and funny. 

Yeah, that's a bold and straightforward pick up line.  It's so unexpecting that some women would take it as a sign of manliness.  

Another pick up line another PUA swears too is to tell a girl he has the most important question for her and for her to think deeply about it before she answers. He hypes it all up and then playfully goes..."So.  Spit or swallow?"  

That's probably true because...

If you show me a physically and mentally abusive sociopath and pathological liar...

...I'll show you a guy who has a date on Saturday night.

They do it by being themselves.


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