This is what I need to know.  I don't want to comment, only listen. 

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A guy in his office picks up an ornament on his desk, and a genie appears and says, "OK whats your third wish?"

The guy says, "Hang on, what happened to my first and second wish?". 

Tthe genie replies, "Oh, you've had them, but after I granted your first wish, you went totally crazy, frothing at the mouth and screaming, and begging me to take it away, so your second wish, as I understood it, was to remove all traces of your first wish, and any memory you might have had of it.  So what's your third wish?"

The guy thinks to himself, oh well, one wish is better than none, and ponders for a moment.  Then he states, "I wish to fully experience how a woman thinks - what goes through her mind, what she feels".

Waving his magic pipe, the genie grants the wish and comments, "Funny, that was your first wish, too".

Haha :-D 


They want equality but at the same time want special privileges...


What special privelages Yahweh?

like not paying on the first date


 Do women really do that? Do women, on a first date expect the guy to pay?

Some nerve they have ...

and do the men pay?

If so ...then thats their first mistake ... Dont

I hope a girl would one day offer to pay:D

They never would.  If you find a girl who says she has, she's lying :)  

She wants her fantasy of her prince charming treating her like a princess.  It's that simple.  The BEST that you could possibly do is get her to pay her half.  

Yes, they do. Even after talking over dinner about their feminism and their desire for equality with men along with anecdotes demonstrating the bad things they have to deal with as a woman. The check arrives and...deadly silence on their part. 

The female can avoid the bill because generally she's there by invitation. Still, it's an opportunity to surprise the guy.

Yep, that surprise would be greatly appreciated.  What a special woman that would be...I might even develop respect for her just from that offer.  

Of course I've had females pay one date, I pay one date, she pays the next etc...but never her offering to pay the first.  

Like my aunt who argued vehemently over a family dinner that they should be equal and treated equally but didn't think women should be drafted if there was ever a draft.  Her answer?  Because men are better fighters and women are better at tending to children and households.  I gave up.  

That's one of many examples. they just want all the good stuff that comes from being equal but don't want the bad that comes with it.


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