Canadian Atheist has posted a new item, 'What do Canadians think is important for being Canadian?' 

Pew Research Centre recently released the results of a group of surveys asking respondents worldwide a question about what “national identity” requires. Canada was included in their results.

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It certainly doesn't have any meaning now as far as I can tell.

I would hope this is true now. But this and many archaic laws do need repeal or some zealot may later use these against the people.  I agree many US laws are in the same category. 

Maybe the 2 repeal for any 1 new law will address some of this for the US at least?

I suppose in many legislative sessions you only have enough time for so many bills...and repealing rediculous unheard of laws may not seem as urgent as regulating toxic emissions or giving rich corporations more subsidies and tax breaks. I can easily imagine opposition parties demand that not only the bill be repealed...but replaced with a new progressive bill related to tetopic that parties cannot agree on. The nitpicking and committee part of the legislation might end up with other parties trying to add irrelevant amendments to the bill or an entirely new discussion may emerge that slows things down. Imagine the law to be repealed is the banning of anal sex. The republicans agree to repeal it but the democrats demand it is replaced by a bill that protects all consensual sexual behaviour from religious descrimination. They try to add amentmebts to the repeal bill and slow it down during the various readings. Anentirely different debate (say the age of consent between young gay men) may take over. What should be a simply quick repeal of a stupid law becomes a sluggish tedious time wasting affair. And in the it so essential the law is repealed? If anyone ever tried to charge someone a higher court would likely strike down the law making a potentially complicated repeal prices unecesary.


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