Canadian Atheist has posted a new item, 'What do Canadians think is important for being Canadian?' 

Pew Research Centre recently released the results of a group of surveys asking respondents worldwide a question about what “national identity” requires. Canada was included in their results.

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All Canadians want is to eat cereal with their homo milk for breakfast

Then have kraft dinner with extra butter and milk and black pepper for lunch

And then a 5000 calorie filled heart attack inducing "poutine" for supper.

And don't forget the maple cookies before going to bed

And of course don't forget the five litres of sort-of-okay beer throughout the day.

and give a canadian a personal motorised snow plow

and a thermal camping tent

and they are happy.

It just doesn't take much to make these simpletons happy. Some food, a snow toy and some wilderness gear and they don't complain.


Don't hold back tell us how you really feel.  :)

One of these days, Davis, they'll invent a sarcasm/irony font and you'll be over the moon. (Mind you, I cannot believe anyone could mistake that list for a genuine opinion)

Davis dude you be cold.....
maybe not Canadian cold, but cold non the less...

...and decent mustard...

[I'll ffix the link later when I'm on a real computer]

Thank you.

I don't eat poutine, cereal with milk, Kraft Dinner, maple anything, drink any kind of beer, drive, or camp, but good to know I'm a happy simpleton.

I don't eat poutine, cereal with milk, Kraft Dinner, maple anything, drink any kind of beer, drive, or camp

Jade are you sure you really are Canadian since you fit not one of Davis' Canadian stereotypes.....?

Born Calgary Alberta....stampede city, but grew up in BC.

Oh yeah, I also hate hockey.


"Oh yeah, I also hate hockey."

Blasphemy, you're going to hell (that's somewhere in Arkansas). :)

No way I'm going to anywhere in the US....hell or otherwise......hahahaha.

@Jade B.O.:

In the Winter the SW US is the place to be.

In the Summer Cananada and the Northern States are nice.

:) :) :) :)

No thank you. I HATE the heat, & I'm fine with winter!

If I wanted hotter weather, which I don't, I only need go to the Okanagan area of BC! That is something of a desert around there, & I don't need any US!


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