I've read a lot of stories from religious members about their childhood.  A typical week could consist of reading the bible, going to church, going to church group meetings, going to church summer camps, going to church schools.  Religion, religion, religion, etc.  They seemed to have fun.

Being from an atheist family, I never did that stuff.  I had a great childhood.  Never a dull moment in my family.   I went to a summer camp.  I went fishing on the farm in the summer, got the sled out in the winter. Read stories with my brothers and sisters. Some weekends, we went to the farm to see grandma.  Mom would get out the accordion and we'd sing old songs.  I thought I was an ordinary kid.  Little did I know what was really going on.  I did have a Baptist friend that went to church three times a week.  I thought that odd.  I'll have to ask him what he thought of me. 

I thought it would be interesting to tell  ex-religious members about atheist life. Maybe there is a book out there.  What do atheist do? 

If you were from a religious family, what did you think atheist did?  Did you know any atheist?   I remember our house being egged by a 13 year old xtian boy.  He called us heathens.  My mom called his mom and he apologized and cleaned off
the house.  I never thought about it much.  I went on with my life.

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I don't think my parents were atheists, but I was never expected to attend church or religious gatherings, and religion in general wasn't really a subject that came up too often. I always thought that was the norm and the kids who went to church just had really tight-ass parents, but then when I got to junior high I learned that it was actually me who was the freak (even more so cause I live in Utah and I had to decipher all their mormon lingo). Although it wasn't completely devoid of religion- I used to say prayers before bed until I was about ten, then my parents got divorced and my dad didn't really care if I said them or not. I also vaguely remember attending bible camp with one of my friends once, but all I remember from it is the arts and crafts (I still have the snail I made out of beads). I'm also pretty sure I was baptised in a methodist church when I was a baby. But I never really understood the point of the prayers back then, I just thought it was a chore that I was supposed to do before bed, and I don't think there was a time when I actually believed in God (although I did believe in Santa).
Pretty much exactly the same for me. Except I don't think I was ever baptized in any church even.
Thanks. I found atheist life fun. I don't remember public schools preaching. I went to a public school last year to hear my grandsons band concert. The choir came on first. Four out of the five songs were religious. When I asked about it, I was told all the good songs are religious. You know, I've listened to the Vienna Boys Choir. They sang plenty of non religious songs. What a cop out. I don't remember that growing up.
The music teacher where I work also teaches the kids some religious songs. She's expressed that so much of music history is entwined with religious music that's almost impossible to avoid. In her favor, however, she has stated that she only does songs that are in the state-approved music book.
That sounds reasonable. The band concert I went to last year was in Maine. I recently attended to a high school band and choir concert in Virginia. Of the more than 20 songs, non were of a religious nature. I was shocked considering there is a church every 1000 feet in Virginia.


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