What do you think Tesla actually created?

Conspiracy theorists latch onto Tesla like cooked spaghetti on the roof. These stories seem to self propel themselves into stratospheric exaggerations. But what is actually proven that he did and what is hearsay. What should we believe and why?

I'm likening this thread to the Ancient Aliens cause there seems to be a lot of "nonscientific evidence". Is there even such a thing?

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He basically created the modern electric motor. 

I should know that :)

How about Free Energy? Limitless energy.. etc... Is there any evidence of this stuff or is it all conspiracy? I'm partially skeptical of this stuff cause it seems like the conspiracy theorists are the ones touting it all the time.

He was also in competition with Edison who was promoting DC electricity at the time. Even though Tesla's AC was much more efficient Edison managed to discredit Tesla and steal the market for himself. (Ed used AC to kill an elephant to 'prove' that AC was dangerous: vid here, kind of graphic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkBU3aYsf0Q)

Interesting stuff guys.. thanks.. Wireless energy though.. did he ever invent it or that was just in the plan?

Here's what I don't 'get' about the wireless electricity concept...How would it be controlled and directed and wouldn't it just disperse? 


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