Guys, let's keep this thread as it was intended– a thread about what Hitch meant to people. That doesn't mean that we can't say that some of the things that he said and wrote were wrong in our personal view. But let's keep it free of discussions about where Hitch is, in heaven or in hell, or why indeed an atheist would feel sorrow at the loss of another human being (As well as free of replies to those kinds of posts because they will be removed). Those questions can obviously be hashed out elsewhere in the forum of course!



What Christopher Hitchens meant to me cannot really be described in words. He was such an amazing human being and I cannot believe he is really gone. Over the past few months he had even exchanged emails me with me on a couple of occasions. He was truly a hero.

Christopher Hitchens was a man of courage and honor. Hitch always spoke his mind and took the fight to religious bigotry and was unapologetic about it. In addition, he was not a cultural relativist or an Islamic apologist like is the case with many atheists. He called Islamic ideology for what it truly was: totalitarianism and oppression. In addition, he was a great friend for freedom and democracy and although he was a leftist all his life, he stood and supported the Iraqi people for their quest for freedom - particularly the great Kurdish people. And as an Iranian, he was a great friend of the Iranian people and it is a shame that he was not able to see a free Iran in his lifetime. Most importantly: he was genuine and one of the most insightful and intelligent human beings I have ever heard whom possessed great insight and a realistic foresight of world problems.

I will write more on him later but he was truly a hero of mine and I don't have any other heroes. He was someone that inspired me in ways that cannot be expressed. For the rest of my life, I will try to live with his ideals and inspiration as much as I can. To be honest, right now has become one of the gloomiest and darkest days, and my heart feels empty.

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Hitchen's was an inspiration to me and I think to all. I loved his book The Missionary Position, showing the true evils of Mother Teresa and revealing the truth about other revered religious figures. I wish I had a chance to have met him, but alas I did not. Today when I go to exams I will think about the impacts he made on my life and in this movement of ours. 

I gasped when I heard this news today. Very sad!

His ability to be raw, real and honest added weight to his words that were filled with reason and worthiness.  

He is an inspiration and his legacy lives on.

More than I can say right now.

This is one of the saddest days. Humanity is lessened without his beautiful voice and mind. He was a light for me in these trying times and my beacon to atheism and reason. An inspiration. We shared a birthday. I will miss you Christopher Hitchens.

I'm sad. I needed him.

God is Not Great is in the post to me right now. I didn't realize he was so close to the end. I look forward to soaking his insight up, with dictionary at hand.  :^ )

I have most of his books and have read most more than once, I'm sure I will read them again. Hitch's ability to recall other's writings to put together his points in a debate were awe inspiring.

We knew this days was coming but it still was too soon. Christopher you will be greatly missed.

Well, CRAP!!

I hate it when the good ones move on.  However, he DID cost me money - my older daughter stole my first copy of "God Is Not Great", and my younger daughter stole my second.  I didn't mind buying that third copy.

Thank you, Mr Hitchens, for entertaining me, challenging me, and most of all, teaching me to think.

Yup. W/Voltaire.

@RickWarren: My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & grieve his loss. He knows the Truth now.


Wow.  How completely inappropriate.  Douche.

I just tweeted him: How incredibly disrespectful in suggesting Hitchens "knows the truth".You were no friend to him.

What a jerkoff.


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