This morning, Europe was hit with yet another dreadful terror attack, this time in Brussels. ISIS is claiming responsibility. 

Many Americans would say that Europe's very liberal immigration policies vis a vis Muslims is partly to blame, and then the failure of European countries to integrate those Muslims into European society is another major reason, resulting in a generation of young Muslim men who are unemployed, idle, and resentful in lands where the feel they are trapped and have no future.

By contrast, the US's stricter immigration policies have kept a lot of potential terrorists out, and most American Muslims are relatively well-integrated into society as doctors, engineers, and other professionals, or at least as shopkeepers and taxi drivers earning a decent living and with prospects for the future.

Did Europe bring these terror attacks on itself? 

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Not that anyone cares, but Donald Trump has weighed in

Europe could deny entry to mullahs and any  muslims who have connections to terrorism. Europe could suspend civil rights until a statutory period has expired so that new immigrants are monitored before being granted citizenship.

Europe could deny re-entry to any of their immigrants who have left to learn military tactics or to join the cause.

Europe could do more to assist in assimilation and acculturation. Leaving enclaves to roast, toast and conspire is an invitation to terrorize.

That sounds like victim blaming. The only people who are responsible for these attacks...are the people who filled dirty bombs with nails...and let them off in crowded spaces. The victims are random innocent people. The only people who do this these days are Muslims.

Muslims don't just set off bombs in Europe...they do it everywhere...western countries or not. They don't attack only democratic countries or even countries that remotely have something to do with their actual grievences. What could the Phillipines have done to avoid having their train stations blown up? Why does not other religion have fundamentalists who systematically murder innocent bystanders with dirty bombs?

This kind of psycopathy is beyond questions of abstract foreign policy or integration in ethnic communities. Other minorities integrate. Other minorities climb the social ladder. Other minorities have big grievences with western power and the toxic result of imperialism. They don't murder western children in the name of their culture or faith or anything.

You don't see Christian arabs blowing up French restaurants. You don't see opressed Hinuds in Sri Lanka murdering people in European News Paper offices. You don't see Venezuelans or Nigerians (victims of oil politics) murdering random children and innocent bystanders in the streets of the United States.

It is limited to Islamic fenatics...who will pick whatever victim they can find. They are solely responsible every time they blow something up in Canada, China, the US, France, Nigeria, Indonesia, the Phillippines, Kenya, Russia, CAR, Spain, Armenia, Serbia. No amount of policy change will significantly end psychotic fenatics from their murder sprees. They cannot be reasoned with nor deflected. They are purely and solely responsible for public random slaughter.

Muslims don't just set off bombs in Europe...they do it everywhere...western countries or not. 

Well, yeah, but people elect their leaders with "Keep us safe" in mind not "If it's happening all over the place, it might as well happen here, too" in mind.

Get real.

What could Europe have done differently to prevent Islamic terrorism

Either not participated in the crusades or completed the crusades with a full genocide. Either way, we would have a substantially different world, with muslims either no longer in existance or at least more sympathetic to the european lifestyle. It seems like so much of the recruitment rhetoric revolves around "western aggression" being a "new crusade".

Did Europe bring these terror attacks on itself?

Personally, I think the US was the driving force in destabilising the middle east, thereby setting the stage for groups like ISIS to take power. I'm starting to think an extreme libertarian foreign policy is the way to go.

Or maybe the Muslims could gain some historical perspective. The Crusades were hundreds of years ago and they finally drove the Crusaders out, and yet they are still hot under their collars over the Crusades? They should get a life!

I agree that the US is largely responsible for ISIS in the Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria area and hopefully the US won't make similar misjudgments in the future. However, I don't see how blame gaming the past solves the problem, other than being sure we've (the US) has learned its lesson.

Donald Trump's view (one of several, since he's anything but self-consistent) is that ISIS is really Europe's and the Middle Eastern countries and Russia's problem, not ours. Let them fight ISIS.

Hold on. You asked what Belgium could have done to not bring these attacks on themselves...

...and now that the spotlight is turned on the cry "let's not play the blame game". Are you serious? If some western country could have done something else...then it would certainly be the one that dropped those bombs on Baghdad a decade ago. Thanks for that by the way. Perhaps you shold have listened to 100 other countries including almost every single Western one...begging you not to do it. That's not only bringing terrorism on yourself...but many other Western countries you ignored. So thanks again.

But then this is all pointless...the only people who are responsible...and the only people who could have done something different...are the scum that set off those bombs.

Looking for causes and fixing blame are different. One is practical and is a search for prevention of such attacks. They other is a "holier than thou" smug attempt at self-satisfaction with absolutely no practical point whatsoever. 

I've agreed with the "blame" the US must accept for its causative role. Or did you miss that part?

The irony is so thick. God tells Bush to go into Kuwait on the behalf of the Saudi royals, kissing their oily asses and ultimately this special brand of Islam....Saudi Wahhabism, spawns all this radical Al-Qaeda and ISIS bullshit. And us atheists are riding on this ship of fools.

One of the mistakes Europeans have made in bringing Islam into their countries is failing to understand that the secularism which has made Europe what it is, is fundamentally incompatible with Islam, or at least with a major interpretation of Islam, which sees Islam as the proper structure of everyday life. For these Muslims, Islam isn't just a personal and private affair, it's how things should be.

Secularism, as its understood and practiced in Europe, is not value-neutral. It asks conservative Muslims to be something that they're likely not. "Secularism," the thinking goes, allows all groups, including Muslims, to practice their religion as they see fit. This assumes that the practice of religion is fundamentally a personal, private act detached from public, political life. It is here that Islam (how it is understood, if not necessarily practiced by most Muslims) and Europe's traditional identity and culture find themselves at odds. (source)

That is a very good point Unseen.

That is why they regard the mere existence of a secular society as an attack on them.  That's why Belgium got attacked.

US bombings and the British Empire and French colonialism and the Crusades are just excuses, that they hope will get them sympathy from some of us (and they were right about that).


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