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 Okay, mine is lame! When I was a kid I thought sky scrapers were the con trails of passing jets.

Share yours!

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I used to believe in ghosts. I had the Little Giant Book of Ghost Stories, or something like that, and I particularly remember the Mothman story for whatever reason. I loved reading that book right before going to bed.

I used to think Sylvia Browne's shtick was real; I think it was mostly because of the ghosts.

In 7th grade (that's 12 or 13 years old), I did a research report on palmistry and I basically bought into it. Mostly, though, I got some exposure to internet censorship, as almost every website I tried to get access to was blocked for being occult.

So, those are my crimes against skepticism, but I grew and now I know that none of that is real. Except for schools blocking websites; I run into that several times a day.
As they say in programming: garbage in garbage out. Most of the misconceptions I had; were the result of being given inaccurate information. Almost all of my early sources of information were insane, my father, the nuns, etc. so I began life with a boatload of crap that I had to eliminate before I could get to the point that I could actually rationally analyze the information that remained.
Lol! This one wins, I think. :D
*gasp* Care Bears are NOT a menace! NoHeart must've sent you to turn the world against love and caring!!!
Haha... I didn't even know you could mix He-Man and Battle Cat with Care Bears. I just liked the show... I didn't have the toys; I would've definitely chosen a He-Man action figure over a Care Bear :)
When I was a kid, I used to believe that I only needed to breathe when I felt like it. I certainly remember breathing except when I was paying attention to it. I would upset me no end when I couldn't just stop breathing whenever I wanted.



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