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 Okay, mine is lame! When I was a kid I thought sky scrapers were the con trails of passing jets.

Share yours!

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I loved that show!
You needed the red jammies, too!

I own the DVD collection of this show. :)
I never really thought about flying much, but I was obsessed with breathing underwater; I was so desperate to turn into a mermaid. I think it's similar in that both flying and swimming would allow you to explore a whole new environment, whether in the air or underwater.
Yeah, I wanted to be a mermaid, too; more specifically, Ariel.
Yes! I was so pissed that she tried so hard to become a human when all I wanted to do was become a mermaid, lol.
I used to believe that my reflection was an evil person who looked just like me and was going to take me into the mirror.I think my parents told me and my siblings to watch out for a certain van because a man who drove the van looks for kids to kidnap,I remember my siblings and I hiding behind a wall when we saw any vans and waiting for it to get out of sight before we started playing again.I'm fostered and one day I was watching cars go by from behind a wall thinking that my real parents were coming for me and were going to kidnap me.
My great grandmother used to threaten to shove me down the air vents of her trailer if I didn't behave. She claimed the noises I heard, which was the air or heat kicking on or off, was really a underground lair where monsters lived. Well, she either said that, implied it, or I imagined that this was the case after getting threatened with being shoved in. Needless to say, I was scared of air vents for awhile.
Well, she either said that, implied it, or I imagined that this was the case after getting threatened with being shoved in.

Those are all equally reality when you are a kid. Sadly, those are all equally reality for far too many adults as well.
Very true!
Excellent point.
Hurricane Gloria passed right over the island that I grew up on in 1985. I wept bitterly when I was not allowed to go swimming due to the massive ocean swells which preceded the storm. My mother simply wouldn't believe me that the Sea Ponies would keep me safe!

I don't even remember this as I was only four years old, but apparently I argued for Sea Pony salvation for a week straight. Oo
ohhh I love My Little Ponies <3 <3 !!!


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