I have been hearing something lately that sounds rather odd to me. I hear some people using "to" instead of "than" when making comparisons. For example:

New York City is bigger to Chicago.

Anacondas are longer to pythons.

I was taught and have for years heard people use "than" rather than "to" in those situations.

Is using "to" rather than (or to) "than" being taught nowadays?

I feel like I've slipped into a parallel dimension when I hear this form of expression.

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Sounds a little like Yoda-speak.

Reminds me of throw momma from the train a kiss.  Yeah, Yoda-speak.  Or Yinglish.

I have a friend who sometimes uses English words in Yiddish ways.  "It aches me," or thinking "bosom" means one breast, so she thinks she has bosoms, not a bosom.

The dictionaries don't agree on that and admit that one of the meanings of "bosom" is "a breast," though "bosom" meaning "chest" is still the #1 definition.


"...thinking "bosom" means one breast, so she thinks she has bosoms, not a bosom."

It's a matter of cup size, two C or less is bosom, two D or larger is BOSOMS.

:D (sorry, I'm a bad, bad boy.)

Breaking news: woman claims to have multiple bosoms, scientists (and english teachers) baffled!

"Could you borrow me that bible for a few days. It's bigger to my other book."


Just reading this makes me want to tear my brain out and beat you with it...

Imagine what Shakespear would think if he could see how we had butchered the language now days?

Rocky, we get it. Language evolves, but it doesn't mean we have to lay down and accept noinsensical changes. Can you name one reason why we should accept "to" rather than "than" in comparatives?

And exactly how do you  differentiate between  what is nonsensical changes and what is just normal evolution of the language?

Something is nonsensical if there's no reason for it. Got a reason?

IF this usage persists, it will become standard despite making no sense, just like "refrigerator" makes no sense because (a) "frigerator" isn't a word in use anywhere and (b) how can you RE-frigerate something when "frigerating" doesn't mean anything to start with?



Definition: Learning to speak so no one can understand you.

I used to speak "slang" as a young whipper-snapper...than I entered the real world and had to make myself understood so I could get a job.


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