I only have one thing I should not even be bothered by, when they say "I will pray for you"; it seems to trigger something inside me, I feel offended by it, I want to smack them in the mouth, it is fortunate for them that I do not condone violence, but man do I grind my teeth when I hear them say it.

So come on, let us know what gets under your skin and how you feel about it?

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Ignorant statements in general. Last Easter I had a co worker not much younger than me (21) I say, tell me
"I don't know how anyone could not like this day. The day our great savor came back and blessed us all."
I just looked at her for a moment and then said. "I'm an atheist...remember" Talk about awkward.
I work reservations for an airline though, so I hear a lot of (god bless you)'s on holidays. I usually just mentally gag and say "ok then bye..."'click'.

I think a more interesting topic would be "What are the things that atheists say that get under your skin?". Somebody get on that!


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