I only have one thing I should not even be bothered by, when they say "I will pray for you"; it seems to trigger something inside me, I feel offended by it, I want to smack them in the mouth, it is fortunate for them that I do not condone violence, but man do I grind my teeth when I hear them say it.

So come on, let us know what gets under your skin and how you feel about it?

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Happy to keep the online funnies and flying circus going. I think I still have about three more years of material, to be followed by distortion and exageration. LOL

I think the thing that bothers me the most is when I ask a Christian a good, solid question and they answer it with something like, "I just know in my heart...(fill in the blank)". It's the lack of intellectual integrity that really gets to me.

They have a very different mandate, it is not about 'integrity', but about numbers.

"I know in my heart" is like when people say, "I just feel that God (insert inanity)."  Or after you've said something brilliantly logical that they really can't refute, they very passionately and defensively assert: "well, I believe yadda, yadda, yadda."  Well, I feel like you're wishful thinking is not a substitute for actual thinking and saying you believe something really hard doesn't make it true!  

I really need help to overcome a problem.  On christmas day, the christmas lunch grace sayer will give thanks to god for everything.  I can usually do grace, looking around the room and mentally thanking the farmer.  This year, god will be praised for the safe arrival of two beautiful babies into the family.  My baby grandaughter and DIL were discharged from hospital a few days' ago.  Baby was born at 28 weeks' gestation and has done very well.  My DIL's life was saved.  My son and DIL are christians and praise god for this. I thank science and medical people. Grace sayer and wife are evangelical christians who don't believe in evolution and they've recently acquired a grandson.

My beautiful daughter was born thirty-seven years' ago with downs syndrome.  Along the way, refractory epilepsy and brain damage has been added.  I had to surrender care in 2010 and was heartbroken.  Can you imagine how constantly I used to pray before finding agnosticism, TA and finally atheism.

That's the preamble - now to the gist of it.  How do I listen to the grace bit knowing that christians praise god for all good things whilst ignoring the plight of others, such as my beautiful daughter, and the state of the world.  This is something I battle with constantly and no one has been able to help me.  Is anyone here able to?  


I am of two minds on this point:

1) A heard a few years ago, a one liner from a fellow that had servived the  Iraq 'war':


2) You could create the biggest family stink, and find yourself on the outs with beloved sleep walkers, by mentioning the crazy crap coming out of their mouths.

This could be done by volunteering to give the prayer or treatise on 'Theist Crazy Thinking'. I would suggest writing this on atleast 3 pages, double spaced, with intended bold type when needed. Make enough copies to go around to all the 'adults' for latter rebutal and legal documentation. I expect that they will attempt to make you out to be a head case, in responce, fight this. Telling them to 'shut-up', will just cause a few to cry because their beloved 'big guy' feelings have been hurt. It might be best to eat your meal before the prayer/treatise, so you can atleast leave with a full belly, but this seems doubtful. If you cannot offer this via personal oratory, a pre-recorded CD/tape might be nice, a few copies could be made for gifts under the tree.

For best effect, you could put the prayer/treatise in the form of an 'Occupy Mic Check!' This will place your presentation into the proper most disrespective form, but establish a revolutionary effect. As usual pix are always useful for latter TA or OCCUPY training, and bragging rights. I expect that TA would love the tape for infinite re-visitation. Reading Ingersol, Robert G, would be a good template. 

If you think that they love you 'enough', by all means fire at will! 

I probably can't help you.  They're wrong and it's hurtful that they're thankful for the suffering in the world.  That said, they're probably not big thinkers.  They most likely don't realize how they come off. 

They would have to be cold, careless people to rejoice with the suffering of others in mind--so I would bet that is not what they're doing.  They probably don't dwell on difficult things, that may challenge their faith about a graceful God. 

I would bet they haven't had to deal with much personal tragedy, as you have, and that they don't empathize with the suffering of others, as you are able to do.  On top of being oblivious to suffering, what does hit home with them has to be made to fit into their worldview.  

Tragedy becomes a trial of faith, evil is the result of freewill, the devil/demons control this life, and my favorite, God has a plan.  It's easy to poke holes in these platitudes but believers won't see it because they really, really need for their logic to work.  Otherwise, they are faced with the prospect of an evil or impotent God...or worse, a Godless world.  We know that much about life is random and bad things happen to good people, but this is terrifying for a person who believes they live under the protection of God.  Better to keep your head in the sand and say your prayers.

Yeah, can't stand that "I'll pray for you" stuff.  Also don't like, "God has a plan," "it'll turn out alright in the end, you'll see," and "merry CHRISTmas!!!" It's all about the agressive tone some people use when they say Merry Christmas.  Chill out already, nobody is slithering down your chimney to cart away your Christmas decor. 

Ignorant statements in general. Last Easter I had a co worker not much younger than me (21) I say, tell me
"I don't know how anyone could not like this day. The day our great savor came back and blessed us all."
I just looked at her for a moment and then said. "I'm an atheist...remember" Talk about awkward.
I work reservations for an airline though, so I hear a lot of (god bless you)'s on holidays. I usually just mentally gag and say "ok then bye..."'click'.

I think a more interesting topic would be "What are the things that atheists say that get under your skin?". Somebody get on that!


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