I only have one thing I should not even be bothered by, when they say "I will pray for you"; it seems to trigger something inside me, I feel offended by it, I want to smack them in the mouth, it is fortunate for them that I do not condone violence, but man do I grind my teeth when I hear them say it.

So come on, let us know what gets under your skin and how you feel about it?

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The Earth is 6000 years old... dinosaurs co-existed with humans. You know, rather than eating them into extinction.

A few times a theist has complained about me, taking the Lord's name in vain. I had to think about this for a few seconds, and decided that if the lord is offended, and all powerful, why does he need a pushy theist to come to his aide?

A few times a theist friend has attempted to prove, to himself, that I am his inferior, because I did not give him the desired responce to a question, that he 'knew' the answer to. I normally do not play this game with friends, because we are friends. So my come back is rather more kind than normal, 'you are a nice guy, why be mean? Or 'I don't know everything.'



"I'm so blessed." Its a statement that just drips with narcissism and they don't even realize it. They think god specifically chose to bless them with a good life, good friends, a good job etc. but they forget about all the people that struggle and suffer horribly. If they're so blessed why did god choose to bless them and not the others? It nauseates me.

They got exactly what they wanted, is that a curse? Maybe.....


Family members say it a lot: "We pray for you." They mean well. But it only reminds me how much of their lives have been wasted on superstition. It's sad and disgusting, like before-and-after photos of meth heads.  

When theists say , why are you so angry at god ? Did something happen to turn you against The Lord ? Those questions , which in actuality are statements , are so dripping with condescension and egoism . Reasons such as rationality , critical thought , love of truth and empiricism are just glossed over by them .

All of existence, deep time, the formation of life, human history, and your big toe, are all important only in relation to the 'Life of Christ and his teachings'. In the end the universe becomes unimportant, but christ's teachings are raised above festering slime and the wonders of existence. In the end, it starts looking like the worst form demented vanity, flavored with deceit, and sustained by ignorance.  

Knock, knock...


We just stopped by to share the bible with you...

Here's how it is...the young woman with you can come in...you two old broads will have to wait out here on the porch...

they left...go figure. :)

Yes shock and awe, shock and awe!

I wonder what JW's do after their day in the streets? Compair notes, exchange 'do not return' suggestions, hold a special 'kill and send to hell' prayer group?

What really gets under my skin is when theists play the false-outrage card and say things like 'you should't be so aggressive and strident', merely for expressing my view. They have no evidence or arguments so they fall back on sanctimonious offence taking. I think they see Jesus as a close-real-life-family-member, therefore any criticism is an emotional attack and emotion will always override evidence. 

The sound they make when they still breathe gets under my skin. They need to stop that.



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