I only have one thing I should not even be bothered by, when they say "I will pray for you"; it seems to trigger something inside me, I feel offended by it, I want to smack them in the mouth, it is fortunate for them that I do not condone violence, but man do I grind my teeth when I hear them say it.

So come on, let us know what gets under your skin and how you feel about it?

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Talking about killing people who uphold different ideas than you...who does that remind me of?  I feel like it's just there on the tip of my tongue. 

For me It's not "merry christmas.", it's not "god bless you.", nor is it "I'll pray for you." It's the "interesting".

"Interesting" in this sense means "I don't believe you and I don't want to believe you and furthermore I don't want you trying to convince me therefore I will say "interesting" and hope that you will drop it."

I use this on them. Also "Fascinating," (and don't be sarcastic, be legitimately fascinated). It lets them know that their primitive practices interest me from a strictly anthropological perspective.

I had this feeling during a 4 day pagan festival 1991. Four days of public nudity, weird displays of 'blessing', baggies of different colored condoms, people thinking that I should fix their air-conditioning, and jumping over the bonfire nude, with limited thermal damage. LOL!

Last year my 13 year old son underwent a year of cancer treatment.

I tolerated everyone saying they were praying for him and us ( they were just trying to say they care and are helpless)  but I lost it when someone said, "God never gives us more than we can handle."  WTF? 

BTW - Thank you to Reg for juming in and being a voice of support from our group here. MUCH appreciated.    ; )

My sister died of kidney failure early 60's. Our catholic priest talked with our family and suggested that my sister died because we did not attend church enough. At 13, I could tell that something was 'fishy'. My sister died at six, anf had spent most of her short life in a childrens hospital. My parents did everything they could to keep it together, including going into welfare for a few years, then a screwly priest tells us that it was not good enough. Ok....

Find that cunt and break his face in. Fucking asshole salesman of his dogma trying to capitalize on the death of a child.

The dear priest died, quietly I hear, several years ago.

About 8 years ago, I tried going back to that church to talk with a priest about that family experience. The priest I talked with, knew nothing about that old policy, and mentioned that he was not to blame, and that he had found a new church to minister to somewhere, not in the USofA.

As I get older, I find more pity than blame of these people. They are just 'people'...  

No, they're not people. You just got under my skin with that.

They're vermin.

kOrsan, shame on you.  It's not acceptable to joke about killing Christians and then deny their humanity later on in the same thread.  Christians ARE people.  Often annoying, sometimes good, and sometimes horrible people.

@ VC - Thank you for the inspiration your strength and J's courage have given to many people over here. We are humbled by it and overjoyed by the GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!


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