Recently, in chat, someone pointed out that there are fewer female than male Atheists.  That prompted a comment on sexual differentiation of intelligence.  I suggest that most women make the best choice for themselves and their children by opting for an 'outlook' that is not confrontational with family.

In other words, I feel that most women care less about whether or not there is a god than they do about whether or not they can maintain a harmonious relationship with their extended family.  In such a situation, what benefit would there be to adopting an Atheist stance - either psychologically or inter-personally?

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Obviously bearing children has never been an option for you.

Food in your child's belly is a lot more important than your 'true feelings'.

I think most women tend to stay within societal rules and boundaries and are reluctant to come out as Atheists so easily as men because they have pressure on them from just not society but also from other women too. Society still wants women to be that Virgin Mother Mary type of figure and swaying from that path looks really "bad" on them.

However I believe following on her reasoning and rationality will make her more free than being trapped in an ideology that she may not believe in.


I think you are following my point here.  Again, I'm not saying that it would be to her benefit to shape her entire thought processes to Christianity, but rather that it would be to her benefit to avoid taking up a controversial position.

Again, obviously bearing children was never a consideration for you.

you'll save money, time, energy, and memory... (for me...)

I can certainly agree on saving money - not giving away 10% of my salary is a definite benefit.

I must totally disagree on memory, though - theists only need one answer; "Gawdiddit"

I think I disagree on time and energy as well.  Taking no position requires the least time and energy, as near as I can tell.  Being rather devoutly Atheist has cost me a lot of time and energy as I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut when the religious bullshit starts to flow - and I've certainly put a lot of time and energy into trying to stem those tides.

really,,but i said "energy and time" coz we were goin to church every sunday before...that's all,,,but i you're right,,

and memory,,coz they do that brainwashing thing...

Guilt Free Masturbation

Yeah, sometimes the idea of Grandma watching over you from Heaven is a real turn off.

Massive decrease in cognitive dissonance.

I think we are very much in agreement on this manner of division.  I had doubts all through my childhood that grew very strong as I entered my teens - but I didn't take a hard line stance regarding theism/atheism until I knew for a fact I was never going to have children.  I don't think that was a conscious factor for me - but I know my inhibitions about standing up to family really dropped when I realized the ramifications were mine alone to face.


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