I have a few extended family members that I rarely ever see, but would like to give some sort of gift.  I was planning to make a donation to charity in their name, but I want to steer clear of Christian or really any religious based charities.  Can you all suggest any for me please?  Some of these relatives are religious, while others are Atheist.  Thanks for the help!

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I know one charity being human foundation of bollywood star  Salman Khan Of India, it sounds quite atheist and secular to me.

you could check it.


Don’t forget George Costanza’s “Human Fund”.

If you have any relatives who are against separation of church and state, give a donation to Freedom from Religion Foundation (www.ffrf.org) in their name!


Seriously, if you want to give money, the best places to give it right now are organizations that defend separation of church and state.

Probably u wanna say "sepration of religion and state" as evident from the name of charity

freedom from religion foundation

No, those are the phrases I should use.  The phrases and the name of the organization have an intertwined history.  I did not make them up or choose them randomly.  It's hard to explain briefly but in U.S. history we have talked about "separation of church and state" since even before we were a nation.  The phrase "freedom of religion" likewise has a long history here.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation chose its name as a play on "freedom of religion".  I don't know if they were the first to coin the new phrase or not.  Their point was that "separation of church and state" doesn't just guarantee freedom of religion, it also guarantees freedom from religion.  Visit their website and do a bit of googling on these phrase and you will find more and better explanations.

How about the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science?


Or the James Randi Educational Foundation?


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