I keep hearing the phrase "secular values," and much like "family values" I'm not sure what it means. What are, in your opinion the values that atheists/ skeptics/ secularists should uphold?

In thinking about this briefly, I've come up with a few. Perhaps the community can help me with wording them/ add their own:

The rejection of the supernatural in explaining our world.
The use of reason, science, and critical thinking as the best way to interpret our experiences.
Respect for all people based on their actions rather than inherent traits.
The defense of individual freedom.


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Understood! Interesting. I'll look for the test, and watch the video at some point today.

I echo what doone said. I also see 3 and 4 as problematic. Respecting tradition is fine, but following it blindly goes against what I would consider free inquiry. Same with loyalty to your group. Legitimate authority sounds better than just plain authority, but questioning it is important.


I guess this makes me liberal...

You weren't misleading, I just didn't read very carefully! Thanks for taking the time to explain, though.

My bid is $65000. That is the value I seek.

The greatest good for human kind.

personally i dislike the use of any word in front of value. It almost sounds like the person or group that uses it trys to own it..any one can value anything..i do agree with your list.. the second makes the first obsolete, so it can go in my opinion..everytime i hear the phrase family values i cant not think of sarah palin or mike huckabee and those are two of the people that scare me the most,someone on a mission with a 3000 year old " how to " book that can be morphed into so many different forms it would make play dough simply dry up...yea they scar the shit out of me;

personally i dislike the use of any word in front of value


Same here.  I prefer words after value.  Value meal, value pack, Value City Furniture...

love it .. ( value city furniture ) lmao.. our super market has a generic brand called value time..

Family values is too broad a term because families can be liberal, conservative, religious, or not... so the religious right trying to own it is problematic. However, secular values is more specific. There's nothing wrong with secularists owning it.


i apologise , after reading what i had written i see i forgot an important word. my comment about palin and huckabee needs the word ( traditional ) in front of family to be what i was thinking..and still think.. traditional family values is code for " we got guns,we dont like fags,we believe in ghosts and darwin was an idiot..

Values that are not magic and are applied to any human, disregarding his religion. 


Universal values are the same, only disregarding gender, sexual orientation, race and nationality among religion.

Separation of church and state. Full Stop.


As many discussions on this board show, The only thing we have in common is that we see little or no evidence for god(s) and conclude, therefore, that the state shouldn't promote any particular God.


We have disagreed about everything else including things like abortion which atheists are traditionally regarded as being unanimously pro-choice.


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