I've found individuals here that aren't really atheists, but maybe I'm not either. 
I didn't have a thing to do with choosing the word 'atheist', it just seems to be the most widely recognized label I can relate to. But I really don't even need that. Just because I was born into a society that simply has to have categories and pigeonholes and labels, doesn't mean I accept any of them.  
I don't need any designation at all. 

I am an individual. Other than my family and friends, I don't like being a member of a group, even atheists. 
I don't believe in anything. I don't accept the existence of ghosts, zombies, vampires, spirits, or woodland faeries. I don't give credence to astrology, numerology, reading tea leaves, fortune cookies or chain letters.
I don't harm anyone, I don't kick dogs, and I'm usually nice to those who are nice to me. 
I don't pray to anything, I was not created, I will rot in the ground when I die.
Yet I am happy, have friends, and live a wonderful life. 
So, if I'm not an atheist, what am I? 

Are there any others out there like me?  

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Atheism is an ontological position regarding belief in a deity.
"You" aren't a position, you're a human, thinking thoughts and taking actions, who holds positions whether you want to or not, no?
You either have a positive belief in a god, or you don't.
"You" are far more than that position, but it can be a helpful descriptor in conversations.

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.. Dr Seuss
In short you are a human being descended from an ancient line, a miracle of randomness that has come together to create a living organism with a vast intellect and physical awareness shared by very few species.
A label is nothing more than an opinion we/others give ourselves to blend into the world comfortably.

I am an individual. Other than my family and friends, I don't like being a member of a group, even atheists. 

I think that's a fairly common sentiment even here. And perhaps it explains why there are Cathollic, Lutheran, and Adventist hospitals but not atheist hospitals. We just don't have the same sort of community that can develop around a delusional belief.

I understand exactly what you mean as you have described me also to a degree.

Atheist: a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. Origin: 1565–75; < Greek áthe(os) godless + -ist.

The above definition either agrees or disagrees with your mode of thinking. If people want to make a label out of it then I have no qualms with that. I could also be characterized as reclusive and somewhat anti-social. Call me a recluse if that floats your boat. It matters little to me. 

In the end if you harbor a lack of belief in supernatural beings then you are, like it or not, an atheist; or maybe agnostic.

Your belief system (theist or atheist) is just that -- your beliefs, or a label describing your philosophy or psychological leanings, likes or dislikes, preferences, or morality..  It is not what you are ----- You are simply a human being, with the afore mentioned leanings, or likings.  You don't have to belong to anything, or be a member of anything, ---- you already just ARE.

In this religious world, being a non-believer is a significant distinction, imo. We may have things in common (e.g. most of us are "free thinking" and liberal), but the most significant distinction is that we don't subscribe to the majority view.

If the whole world were atheists, there wouldn't even be a point to the label, or this website.

Sounds familiar. I'm pretty sure you're what most people would call a Human Being. Congrats, and welcome to the world.

You are not alone.

I dislike the label Atheist.

I do not want to be defined by my disbelief in something as ridiculous as religion/deities.

I would rather be identified for what I love, enjoy, and support as opposed to what I am against.

I agree with your statement, I don't particularly like the title atheist, as such call myself agnostic. Having no proof one way or the other completely removes the need for religious people to say you're making a faith claim, and allows you to keep the conversation on rationality. I don't really consider god the debate I consider religion the debate. My general starting point is this:

My position is that there is no proof or reasonable argument for the existence of god. Not that he doesn't exist, I also posit that by your own religious beliefs your religion is immoral.

The second bit is really scary for people, but if you believe that your good deeds don't way against your bad deeds than you can't consider religion a force for good. 

I like the term "freethinker" as it reveals much more about one's mental forthrightness.

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