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My problem is this. My grandmother is finalizing her will and wants to have all a non christian open air burial with out a tomb stone.  Yes that means with out a casket 8 feet down."True worm food" Her words not mine. Anyways my whole family is up in arms about this recent news. I think it is a great idea but I seem to be the only one on her side. Any ideas on how to help this situation with the family?


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Admittedly I don't know the Islamic doctrine with regards to this (or much else for that matter).

You could try to persuade them to recognise it is an act of charity. What would be worse for them, a dead charitable daughter, whose final wishes helped many sick people or simply a dead daughter who met the rules of propriety in their religion?

This really sounds heartbreaking, that a parent might look upon their child with distain for an act which ought to make them proud. My GF was a Jehova's Witness, she almost died as a child because her parents wouldn't allow medical intervention, one of her first acts of defiance was to go give blood.

hey, thanks for responding :)  quick answer: I have been thinking about this for a while now, but never really looked it up.  I appears I have no problem.  :p  In my country (Belgium, by the way) there is an opting-outprocedure.  So everyone is a donor, family can only oppose if they have a written document from me stating I don't want it.  Still thanks for responding. 

ok, the editing doesn't work over here.. so I'm posting again.

@ryan: what I do is just invite myself if I know they are planning something.  I come from a big family and there's always someone who feels left out.  But they are our parents, they have to accept us, it's just rude not to invite an import member of the family!


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