do you know any thing about islam .... what is your idea about this religion
do you think it's a peaceful religion ?
do you think it's better to be a muslim among other religions ?
I would like to answer all your question ...

waiting ...

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Since being an ex-Muslim myself, I think I would be sharing the same dissatisfaction and disillusionment as other former Muslims are harboring. The self righteousness of its believers, the misogynist values preached, the hate inoculated, repression of natural human instincts and the delusional concept of world domination through all means necessary are just few of the things that made me walk out of the house of Islam.

And I am glad to find that there are many others who felt the same and left the dogma of Islam.
oh dear QM ... yep i am so happy to find a lot of other like me too
it's so bad to feel alone
and you know what we do live in a lonely way ... cause for me no one lives close to me
i can't even tell any one about me ... you know they call us kofar and that means we are so bad and they might kill us and feel that's what allah wants ???
I share your sentiments exactly and hope that things can become more conducive for us. In the mean time, I think it is important to speak up against religion Islam so that more people can gain courage to come forward. Till then we need to rely on forums such as this to be less lonely and isolated.
some times it drives me crazy that i can't talk in free way only in the net world
feel that's some kind of weakness
Allahu Akbar! (Boom)

72 is a big number .. by the way the quran call them hoor ain .. means the big black eyes
mohamed didn't know yet that blue eyes are much beautiful lolz


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