do you know any thing about islam .... what is your idea about this religion
do you think it's a peaceful religion ?
do you think it's better to be a muslim among other religions ?
I would like to answer all your question ...

waiting ...

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hi doone ... thanks for joining my topic
but hey you didn't ask me a question ? lol
first of all my dear if you have read the quran in english it's so different from reading it in arabic
in english you will read more like meaning then the real quran
i can tell
cause i understand both language
last thing i have read in english translate was about hitting women in quran and it says in light way ???
in arabic quran there is no light or bright there is one word and that is beating your wife when she don't obey you as her husband

i hope to talk more about my islamic background

I know less about Islam than I do about Christianity. I have been waiting for an outcry from moderate muslims about all the radicals (bombings, shootings, etc) but haven't heard any outcry. Could it be that there are no moderate muslims or could it be that the news media doesn't cover them because their story doesn't sell as well as blood & gore? My biggest concern is that the biggest growth areas for Islam is in poor/uneducated countries. Perfect places to grow radical ideals. Would it be too much to say that Islam is entering its dark ages?
well hello Michel
I agree with you so much
first of all you have to believe me when i say .. non muslim cant never ever say anything bad about islam if they live in an islamic country
first of all islam don't believe in religions freedom .... so if you're not muslim you can't judge islam
cause you are in the weak side
and if you were muslim and left islam you can't say that in public cause you will be killed going with islamic law
so what i am trying to tell you ... you can't know nothing about the dark side of islam from islamic or arabic medias ... it's nonlegal to put these things in the media
so all they do is making islam looks like a very pinkish peaceful religion ... no harm in it
also to put their muslim people under control ....
you can see that islam is the religion that walk side to side with the politics
so be under controlled by religion first
so then you will obey your government what ever it says to you
cause allah only teach muslims how to obey
and mohamed
and his whole family and friends
going throw history all the government
tell now a days
it's crazy

but believe me we have many non muslims now but they only speak in the internet .... and most don't write in english to show the world why we left islam
and thats really sad
we need to have a voice out there
to tell the whole world why we don't agree with islam no more
how our life is so bad cause islam roan it for us

i can talk for ever ...
hi Adriana
I like your point ... when you said cause we are women it's best to not have religions at all
and yes religions just knew how to make our like much miserable and specially islam
waw what a women hater it is
you can't find anything in islam stand beside women
and being an Arabian woman makes it much worse
arabic societys have good ways to make a woman feel less then a fly
i just hate it that i am from both backgrounds islam and Arabian
both islam and arabian thinking can make a woman lives like a slave for ever
with out a brain for her own ... she has to obey her parents and husband for ever tell she die
our live on her own and become a demon
I've always viewed all of the Abrahamic religions as equal in that we are talking about the God of the Old Testament. What he's done since the writing of the Old Testament matters not because his character is laid out grotesquely enough in the Old Testament.

So how is that position wrong? What makes the Islamic faith different from the other Abrahamic beliefs?

How do people whom live in the modern world accept a spiritual leader who was a pedophile?

What is interesting about a faith that requires everyone to think and act the same? Islam is a religion that does not celebrate the individual... maybe that all religions. But what draws people to live a life of being just like their neighbor and not improving themselves or their society? Architecture in the Middle east appears to have changed in the last 15 years only for example. I say "appears" because of my limited exposure. Don't people see the draw and benefit of change and growth as a society (ie Formula 1 in Baharain, Dubai's expansion and tourism even if it was done too rapidly)?
hi Gaytor
by the way your sentence here
What is interesting about a faith that requires everyone to think and act the same?
was one of my first thinking ... i couldn't get it that a god made us so different then he want us to act and dress the same ????

muslims don't see any thing they just see allah and mohamed if mohamed is happy then they are happy too
if mohamed tells them to hate others cause there not muslim they do it in a blind way with out any thinking
in islan mohamed is more like a god
i think he is better then allah it self
I don't know much about Islam.
It is evident that it is NOT a peaceful religion.
I do not think it is better to be a Muslim over some other religion. Delusion is all bad, IMO, and religious delusion is all relatively equal. It would be like asking if it is better to have a 500 pound bomb dropped on your head or a 1,000 pound bomb.
hi Reggie
it's not peaceful cause it gives you to much different ides and things to do
hate Cristian
be nice to Cristian
Cristian wont be in haven ???
how can you obey three different laws ??
i don't know how muslims can live like that

another one
kill non Muslims specially who don't believe in one god
religion is god well don't force others to be muslims
help make islam every where in the world

another one

god made men and wqmen
women are less then men
women are half men in life


see how it's so crazy
It is not much different than the Christian religions in that respect.
oh yeah it's to much different
i will try more to talk about quran and islam
The thing is.. are you convinced of the religions idea and the god messengers in general or not!!
if not then "Peace" is the best religion ever, if yes then you have to read all the "holy books" and know about all religions among the previous eras and ages then compare between them all and judge which of them is the right one!

For me as a former muslim.. Islam is just a false religion and it supports all kinds of violence and racism directly and in an indirect way.
oh i don't need to read any other religions
cause i believe they all are just humans thoughts
love and asking for peace is the best humans thoughts ever ... it's our only way to make this world a better place



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