So..we've all heard about the hatred this group of people are spreading, but who would have thought that they would come close enough to effect us? I really didn't, until I heard they were coming to a town near where I live. I cant stand the fact that they are in the same STATE as me!

The westboro baptist chruch is coming to protest at ANOTHER soldier's funeral.

Wednesday, November 17 · 9:30am - 12:30pm

Location St. John the Evangelist Church
35 William St
Pittston, PA

If you could make it to show you're support, that would be amazing. This is the information that I got from an event request on facebook:

URGENT REQUEST! For all who live in NEPA

Those senseless people from the Westboro Baptist Church, based in Topeka, Kansas, are planning to protest at the military funeral of fallen
soldier SPC Dale Kridlo of Hughestown.

According to the church’s website, the protest will take place Wednesday at Kridlo’s funeral
service at , 35 William St., Pittston, scheduled for 9:45 a.m.
If you are not working Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 we need to show
these over glorifying publicity seeking whores, that we the people of
Northeaster Pennsylvania won’t stand for this.

Please show up and protect the family of soldier SPC Dale Kridlo and block the view of
these non-patriotic Americans. Hopefully we will get thousands of
NEPA’ers that they won’t be able to get near the city of Pittston.

Please post and pass on this on your Facebook status for the next 24 hours if
you believe that are servicemen and servicewomen have the right to a
somber and un-protested funeral.

*Please be respectful to the citizens of West Pittston and the citizens of the City of Pittston. Lets
make the a special tribute to Dale’s family and all who will attend
tomorrow. Lets make sure that the 6 from Westboro Baptist Church will
not be seen or heard*

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lol I love Canada.
What they are coming to Michigan?!?!?! Do you know if they are coming to Ann Arbor anytime soon, because if they do it's time to pick up my picket signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity!
Thanks for the information, I can't believe they would name their website that!
I have to say that by yelling back or doing anything film worthy, you just give them the publicity that they want. I have a legal way to get them to stop talking and move out. Get an old coat that you won't be wearing anymore. Go to a thrift shop if you need, because you will be throwing it away. Get some Vicks for your nose, then buy this product for $6. Get a bunch of this on your coat and just go stand next to them. I promise that they will leave. People vomit when they smell this. You will have won without saying a single word.
actually, there is to be no yelling back or violence. not even picketing. just holding flags and not letting them near the family.
I'm going to tell my father in law about them (above) he rides with soldiers of the cross.
What these people do is just absoultly un-real!! Talk about backwoods trash! May "GOD" help them if they ever show up down here in Mobile, AL. I honestly doubt they would come down here. Even though some of these christians are insane, they are not that dam^ insane! The christians down here in the bible belt would have them running home to their mommy's. They would not stand for it. I'd have to say, I be standing right there with them (the christians from mobile) because what these people do is just wrong.


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