I've been checking out vids on the Westboro Baptist/ Phelps clan/ God Hates Fags groups. I am not finding much that Fred Phelps is errant on in the Bible. This is creepy to say, but Fred Phelps and I read the Bible of the same mindset. Maybe my skepticism makes us divert in a few places.
Fred Phelps states that his church members might be the only ones that are going to heaven. Biblically that can't be true because how do you account for the heavenly choir of 144,000? if the Choir of 12,000 from the twelve tribes of Israel are going to sing, then Fred better get to humping away. Maybe he should emulate Abraham?
The second place where I see errancy is in Shirley's insistence that Fags are what makes God work against the US Army. Without going in the statistics, let's address that. The Bible has had warriors that God had clearly stated support for and said he's fighting along side. Here is one example.

Judges 1:19: “So the Lord was with Judah. And they drove out the mountaineers, but they could not drive out the inhabitants of the lowland, because they had chariots of iron.”

So if God himself is fighting along side these guys and they can't defeat an Army with iron chariots, how do you think he'll do against an army with uranium depleted rounds loaded into the M! Abrahms tank? I don't think that sexuality plays a role he god can't take down an iron chariot.

But what can we find. Let's dig in and see what we can find for Biblical errancy and the Westboro clan. Not the love that we assume Jesus has... the concrete, fight your way out of this big type of questions. If you are the only People of god, how do you intend to fill the Choir needs alone?

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Clan or Klan?
Clan. Odd as it seems, Fred Phelps was actually a pro-civil rights activist lawyer who was very involved in supporting and defending those rights during heyday of the civil rights movement.

He may be a bigoted, hateful old reprobate, but he's not a Klansman.
That is really, really weird. I wonder when his crazy started. Maybe there is something physically wrong that's at the root of all of this. I wonder if that possibility has been considered yet.
From what his son said in his talk at the American Atheists convention a couple months ago, he was pretty religiously nutty even then. Opposing counsel was defying God by beating him in court, etc.
I'd actually like to agree with most of what he says the Bible says. For me he is the spokesman for what I hear when I read the Bible. I'd go as far as saying that he generally doesn't go far enough because he doesn't act other than protesting and I've never seen the commandment to hold up a placard.
He shows the rest of the world the hate within those covers.
All we need to do is arm him with stones and send him on the way! He'd be a great ambassador of Biblical laws!


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