okay so west bouro baptist church protested a Muslim church function in which they rather tamely were helping the homeless and west bouro shouted insults to the Muslim family including children

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Sadly, this doesn't appear worse than usual. More like the status quo for them. :P

True respectfull altruism ( even "tame") is okay.

westborough  baptist church needs to evaluate if its criticism

is really helping humanity  evolve or if it indeed is "creating 

a diversion"

respect in speech and thought may be a learningcurve still?

I'm a conspiracy theorist!  I just thought I would say that before someone else calls me one for what I am about to say; I honestly believe there must be motives outside the direct interest of the WBC acting here.


The conspiracy could lay completely inside the WBC itself, I guess - Fred Phelps might be willing to sacrifice anything to prompt violence, even against himself, for the purpose of initiating some sort of religious war.


Alternatively, I have no idea how some idiot like Fred Phelps could inspire anyone, even his one family, to put themselves in harm's way like this.  It really seems to me like he must have some outside help, and possibly even funding, by someone much more intelligent and capable.


The more this WBC thing goes on, the more anger I see coming out of everyone - and more divisions seem to be popping up as well.  Other fundamentalists get divided on just how much persecution is appropriate for gays.  Constitutionalists have become divided on the issue of what defines 'free speech'.  Now it seems that people are becoming divided on whether or not persecution of Muslims is tolerable.  All of this, to me, constitutes 'politics of hatred' and I hate to think about who might be waiting in the shadows to capitalize on all of this.

The Republicans and the tea Party most likely. I would love to see and expert's on the political situation in the United States. I still think that a fascism could well emerge with the right kind of  leader if safeguards aren't kept in place.
well hes succeeding w/ me if i actually see one of these protest, ill be in jail and they'll be in the ground.
oh and ill be laughing manicially

I started a group on Facebook called HateCut. It's a group of everyday people sharing information on where the WBC will protest and then going out and asking businesses to not offer services to WBC when they come. It's 100% voluntary.


WBC has the right to say what they want but we the people have the right to make them feel as unwelcome as possible. So we'll cut the services of hate groups such as the WBC.

Couldn't find the group HateCut on the site mind sending the link?

& i agree with what will & most of youtube about serving time for sending them to their "god" militant atheist i am..


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