okay so west bouro baptist church protested a Muslim church function in which they rather tamely were helping the homeless and west bouro shouted insults to the Muslim family including children

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I wish I could say I was surprised, but this is the kind of crap they're known for.

Is this a first for wbc to protest a Muslim function?  I think it's cool they have the ba*** to do it.

Holy shit!

You are the first human alive I've ever heard of side with WBC. 

I'm not even kidding. 

We know they are the lowest form of life on earth, and even the most conservative Christians don't want to have their name associated. That's the epitome of No True Scotsman if I've ever seen it in action. 

Seriously. Are you like....for real?

Don't forget that the Supreme Court sided with them as well. (In regard to their right to free speech.)

No. They sided with the constitution. Big difference.

Nowhere did they say they agreed with their opinions, nor did they congratulate the WBC on 'having the balls to do it.'

Again, I'm simply pointing out that in my experience, I've NEVER heard another human being embrace their message.


Not to pull semantics into this, but the Supreme Court doesn't side with the Constitution, they use it to determine rulings. In this case, using the Constitution, they sided with the WBC in regard to their right to free (hate) speech. I never said they condone their message. 

And, I agree with you, I have never heard anyone say something positive about WBC and mean it.

Well said, sir! 

I stand corrected!

Geh?! What?! o_O

I'm writting a paper about them for class, and I could not get into their website - godhatesfags.com - I guess it was blocked?

I understand why people are so against them, I'm sure I would be pissed off I they did that at a friend's or family member's funeral...but I doubt their feelings and beliefs will go away just by shutting them down. I would like for their website to function (for the sake of my paper lol)

Yep. Anonymous responded with a statement that they had nothing to do with it, and when Shirley Phelps-Rogers was her normal 'charming' self, Anonymous took over a different one of WBC's websites during the conversation, just to demonstrate how it would be done, had Anonymous been involved.

did you see this for a bit of background ?



yea im watching this now. if i saw this id jump out of the car and start swinging.


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