Let's start it off with a simple one.

xtain :
"Well what if you're wrong?'


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Ugh. The only thing worse than Pascal's Wager is Pascal's Wager in ignorance. This sort of "faith" is entirely fear-based.

My rebuttal to this sort of thing is usually some sort of flippant, wiseass comment like, "You should try *not* living in fear. It's pretty great."
What if your wrong about God being an benevolent being? What if it turns out hes a jackass like his bible clearly tells us. Hes killed a ridiculous amount of people, hes for slavery, sexual inequality and even Moses has encouraged rape after a victory battle. What if the bible is propaganda that talks crap about Satan? Satan did not kill nearly as enough people and maybe he just wanted to overtake this tyranny to save humanity. He already gave us knowledge by convincing the once ignorant human species in hopes of us realizing this God dilemma. Although he is also shown as a lustful and greedy character. Given that, hes also been known to tempt Jesus by offering him ownership of all kingdoms. Maybe in Hell you get everything. In Heaven, its probably a very strict place where you have to follow so many rules and its just no fun at all. Just about everything fun is banned while in Hell people are playing gun tag with no death consequences, can gamble and do drugs.

What if Hell is the real paradise?


What if worst of all, you worshiped the wrong God and you get sent to hell too? Picking the right religion is hard, odds are stacked against you to pick the right one.

Then If maybe I'm wrong, I might maybe enter the better of the two realms.
What if I am? Won't god know I'm faking my "belief" if I fake my belief?
what if we're both wrong and I'm stuck in Hades with your zealot ass because neither of us believed in Zeus?
Hmmm....If I get sent to Heaven and have to spend eternity with many of the so called xian people I have seen, then in my eyes, that would technically be hell. So, would I be in my hell, in their heaven, or would they really be in hell with me?
Personally, i like to say "I'm not." I then put out my tounge, stick my thumbs in my ears and wave my fingers about a bit. Gets em every time.
Welcome to hell lol!
What if you're wrong and God really want's you to lay off on all the homophobia?
I saw this onn youtube and had to reply.I said "What if you're wrong?What if you're not believing in the right gods?
My response: What if you're wrong about Cthulhu?
What if you're wrong and you can only get into heaven if you're an atheist while you're alive on earth?


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